Have The Dallas Cowboys Drafted Enough Defensive Linemen?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by waving monkey, Jun 25, 2014.

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    That's misleading because they were playing a 3-4. You would need to count 3-4 DEs as similar to DTs in a 4-3. Hatcher, Canty, Crawford, etc.. are DTs in a 4-3.
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    I don't think that is a good idea.

    The ideal scenario would be to draft the positions that are the most expensive and difficult to get in free agency.

    Guards make less than OTs.
    DTs make less than DEs (franchise tag is about 3M less).
    Safeties make less than CBs on average.

    The average salary for WRs is high.

    In terms of difficult to get in FA, quality Centers and QBs are the most difficult to obtain.
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    Damn you Walker...throwing logical foresight in there:D Great points and good post.
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    I guess if anything is misleading it would be your "etc"

    Who outside of the three you mention were drafted as 3-4 DEs? None. So in the Post Parcells Era, Crawford is the only 3-4 DE drafted.
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    You said since 2001. I named the 3 that came to mind.
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    So that really leaves QBs/WRs/CBs/T/C/DE as the ideal 1-3 selections mainly for cap/FA/availability reasons unless a truly special talent @ G/LB/S/DT are available. Little trickier than originally thought. Wrs are slow to contribute but cost a grip in FA if the team really needs one. Same price tag applies to rush ends. Same logic, but to a lesser degree applied regarding CBs. QBs and C almost have to be developed in house considering the lack of FA opportunities, etc.

    With all that said, I still like the idea of going line, secondary and QB early with all variables considered. Coaching/Management is responsible to draft/develop prized (expensive) positions to avoid being robbed in FA. JJ got REALLY lucky "stumbling" into Romo in that regard.
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    The number 1 goal in the draft should be to get good players. If you start putting too much other criteria into the decision, then you could end up lowering your success of making picks.

    If a team does not pick good players, then all other theories or approaches become meaningless.

    I would always pick BPA and go with priority positions or need if multiple players are on the same tier. Use trades to match BPA to need.

    Also, I like the concept of drafting the player that the team is most certain about even if that might not be the player with the most upside or the most "value" according to draft analysts. This seems to be something the Cowboys are doing now. I think they were completely sold on Lawrence and knew they were overpaying a bit with the trade. The alternative was to get 2 players that they were not sold on if the don't make the trade. The might not nave gotten got value with the Frederick trade in terms of draft points, but they got 2 players that they really liked. If they didn't make the trade then they might have missed on Fred like they missed Unger in 2009.

    In terms of the original issue, I would prioritize the area of the team when building the roster.

    I would always go OLine as 1st priority. You have to protect the QB.

    Next I would finish out the offensive skills positions.

    The QB would be the last pick on offense. There's no point getting a top QB and putting him in a terrible offense.

    I would put the defense as a secondary priority to the defense. Defenses can be put together more quickly than offense, IMO.

    DE should be top priority on D.
    Next DT.
    Next CB.
    Last would be LB and Safety.
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    i would have liked a DT high in the draft but we certainly have youth and numbers on the roster .

    All we need are 2/3 of them to develop into good to very good DL then draft Randy Gregory next year who will be a superstar DE

    I am excited about Gardener and Coleman. Think both could be long term players and provide much needed Depth
  9. waving monkey

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    read Gardener has very short arms,thats why he fall to the 7th
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    That's an odd formula. Not sure I would buy into the idea that a 7th rounder and a 1st rounder should be given equal weight in producing an average that you approximate resources used with.

    Using a 1st and a 7th is not the same as using two 4ths.
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    I think teams are drafting C, G and S earlier as the bang for the buck is greater than with CB and OT can be problematic about busting once the top guys are gone. I don't bother putting QBs in the equation for drafting as they are outside the norm. But I agree QB and quality linemen are hard to get in FA. I left WRs out of the bang of the buck which is problematic also; they also have higher bust rates.
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    This does sound like an ideal plan (for the QB) but wouldn't the cap come into play once the team is ready to draft the QB? You're saying the offense takes longer to develop, so wouldn't this only set up a young QB with a very short window to enjoy the foundation set forth? I agree with the general premise though in that it allows for the easiest transition for a young QB to be successful. Like we were speaking of previously, WRs are an expensive position, as are Tackles. So the majority of the cap would be tied into these positions even before a big 2nd contract for the new QB is in play. The team could maybe squeak by with a cheap/young D but seems like they would eventually be repairing one side of the ball @ a detriment to the other.
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    Who was the target that they missed on when they moved up for Claiborne?
  14. cowboy_ron

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    I'll go on record as saying I don't expect anymore to be drafted until the next drafto_O
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    3 years ago we complained we don't draft enough OL men....now its DL men.

    both true. so we addressed OL, obviously next is DL....can't do both.
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    That's exactly right.

    Overhauling the d-line was going to be at least a two-draft process.
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    LOL. How's the cards Ron?
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    I guess I can agree and disagree with this. I do like the fact that with an OL, he will play all the snaps on offense whereas I would rather rotate the DL. Make that high pick with a DL and I still want him part of a rotation. Give me some fresh hungry rotation of like 7-8 guys on the DL over 4 highly drafted and paid guys with no bench behind them.

    I'm sure the DL will get even more focus as it should, but we do also have other positions that could use that high pick. I hope we can continue to find the Bowens, Cantys, TRats, and Crawfords of the world without having to use that high pick unless its a freakish DE.
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    Had a great month...won't play the main event though...I have put in way too many 14 hr days this month, I'm getting too old anymore...haha....time for a couple of weeks off
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    Professional I assume? I always wondered do you play on the circuit or independently seek out tourneys, etc.? I know you need invites to some of that stuff but always wondered how that worked out? Any general info would be appreciated. Thanks

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