Have we been too hard on Romo? Maybe just a little?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Arkyvarminter, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. The Natural

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    Idk I thought our offensive line played well this year. If he sat in the pocket holding on to the ball for an eternity he'd probably get jacked up sure
  2. bbailey423

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    I don't think you are getting it! Romo has the MOST game winning TDs drives in the NFL since 2011. Why? Because week in and week out he is CONSTANTLY put under the gun to win the game. Did Russel Wilson have any pressure to make plays last night? Heck they woudld have won on the pick 6 and the KR touchdown. Don't get me wrong. Wilson is a rising talent. But we would be lucky to win 7 games with him as the QB of our team this year.
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  3. DFWJC

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    People around here have selective memories.
    You should know by now that any Romo-led comeback wins or game-winning drives = 1/10 and any fail = 10x.
  4. The Natural

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    What is that number by the way?
  5. KJJ

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    What was reaffirmed last night is you're not going to win do or die games with your QB suffering multiple turnovers.
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  6. CyberB0b

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    The guy has been really, really good. He isn't elite, but he is among the best of the rest. It's easy to forget what its like to have a guy like Chutch, QCar, Stoerner, Wright, Leaf, or Henson running your team.
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  7. GimmeTheBall!

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    In fairness, I never begin my critique of Romo without mentioning that he has great individual stats.
    Even behind these crummy O-lines he has excelled.

    But there are too many things keeping him back:
    1. Picks at the wrong time
    2. meltdowns in the (season-ending) wrong games
    3. Now injuries
    4. And soon, age.

    He's been a great QB? One lousy playoff win does not convince me.
    Jerra, bless his heart, has given Romo great receivers in Dez and Witten, and others who shone brightly though breifly.

    Half we been too hard on Romo? Hardly. Romo critics speak up about his shortcomings and the Romo loyalists take this as a personal insult.
    Romo is one of the most highly paid but low achievers in the league. I don't put all the blame on him, but if we are to believe that a QB is a field general, his generaling has been anything but stellar. In fact, its been sad and disappointing in the last game for seveal years. One playoff win with a team led by him. That's not being stellar, that is being less than mediocre.
    But, again, he has enough individual stats for his scrapbook to be proud of. Me, I only half memories of our glory years before we even knew what a Romo was.
  8. SultanOfSix

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    False. The gunslinger image was a media creation due to the fact that he was from Wisconsin and certain popular elements of it said he reminded them of Favre. But the QB Romo idolized the most was Joe Montana.

    Give me a break on the Romo/Wilson comparison. Put any halfway decent QB behind Seattle's line yesterday, the outcome wouldn't have been any different. Wilson won a SB in his second year, but on a "QB level", it was hardly due to his play.
  9. zack

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    Lights out?? Really?? A 200 yard rusher and that is what you consider lights out? Unbelieveable......So, you are saying that our last great defense was from what 6 years ago.
  10. DandyDon1722

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    Absolutely right. The excuses for Romo seem old because everything around him that have led to those excuses have been in play since he got here. And I don't want to hear that weak 2007 argument. That was a good team and he led us to 13 freakin' wins! (get the connection?) He put two throws on the money for potential TD's that were dropped by Crayton and Fasano against the Giants.

    What the ten percenters NEVER do is bring solutions. Who else you got? Two number ones for RGIII, does that look like a safe bet right now? Look how many years it's taken Newton. Tanneyhill is no sure thing. We are going to have to get really lucky (Wilson, Kaepernick) or really bad (Luck) to find someone to replace Romo and that could take years.

    I do agree we're on the backside of him right now and I don't think he'll be as effective as he once was creating something out of nothing, but he shouldn't have to be with a good offensive line, a good running game and competent playcalling. Right now we've got two out the three.
  11. Fritsch_the_cat

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    Anyone who has ever placed the majority of the blame on Romo is wrong, very wrong. We saw last night that it is still possible to have a great D in this league, as as Tom said, "Offense sells tickets, Defense wins championships".
  12. Reverend Conehead

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    Would Romo have won the Super Bowl as quarterback of this Seahawks team? I have absolutely no doubt he would have. I don't think Wilson is a better quarterback than Romo. I think Wilson has a vastly superior team than Romo has, especially the defense.
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  13. RXP

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    Picking a game here or there doesn't does not a career make. One can come up with anedotal evidence for every single QB that's ever played the game.

    Romo has either the highest or 2nd highest (behind Rodgers) QB rating in the 4th quarter in NFL history.
  14. bbailey423

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    I agree....but Seattle would have won last night without their offense scoring a single point. Now you tell me before the game the offense does not have to score...and I will craft a gameplan that will assure you the offense will not turn the ball over.
  15. KB1122

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    Russell Wilson has been over 100 passer rating twice in two years. Romo has done it once.
  16. casmith07

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    By all means, there's no need to shout about his football IQ. It's quite simply in the single digits.
  17. KB1122

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    Romo is also eating up a lot more of the salary cap than Wilson or Kaepernick. So he has to produce at that level.
  18. DoctorChicken

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    What the hell are you talking about? In what world did our Defense play "lights out" in that game? They were awful.
  19. Clove

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    I don't know if you bothered to pay attention to the game last night, but Wilson was running for his life the entire night. He was just mobile enough to escape. This is just another excuse to use to prop up someone that needs to just go away. I can't even imagine Romo on that stage last night. He doesn't belong anywhere near a Super Bowl.
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  20. Ntegrase96

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    We haven't been too hard on him at all.

    But I do feel like he's often criticized for the wrong things.

    There are very good arguments against Romo, but 90% of the criticisms are cliche and overblown.

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