Have you ever met a Dallas Cowboy?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Ranching, Dec 4, 2016.

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    Williams is one of my all time favourite Cowboys. Big, Mean and Tough. Nice combination. What was he like in real life?
  3. dallasdave

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    Attitude :yourock::yourock::yourock::yourock:
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  4. Ranching

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    He was big, but seemed very laid back and easy going. He did look like a bad ***, even though he wasn't as muscular as he was as a player. I met with Quincy Carter in my office once, he was trying to start a QB school in my area. He actually seemed a lot smarter in person than he did on TV, too bad he couldn't clean up. Hope he's doing well.
  5. StarMan

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    Troy Aikman, Charles Haley, Jason Witten, Tony Dorsett
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  6. CanadianCowboysFan

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  7. Aggie87

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    I've met alot more than I realized:

    Bill Bates
    Tony Hill
    Russell Maryland
    Robert Newhouse
    Larry Brown
    Tony Dorsett
    Bob Lilly
    Randy White
    Drew Pearson
    Ed Too Tall Jones
    Steven McGee
    John Phillips
    Marcus Dixon
    Orlando Scandrick
    Terence Newman
    Felix Jones
    Tashard Choice
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  8. Ranching

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    Those are some good ones.
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  9. DFWJC

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    Here's few more.

    --A close family friend dated Moose in college and here in Dallas for years. They both ended up marring other people, but it did allow a bit of great exposure to many key Cowboys in the early 90's.. Pretty much all of the offensive guys

    --Another family connection is my wife to Candice Crawford's (Romo) family. Its part of the reason why I defend the guy so fiercly but am otherwise pretty calm in this forum on most other topics. I know for fact all of the herculean hours he has put in over the years...only to hear massive bozos question his dedication.

    --also have shared conversation and cocktail with Stephen Jones and Tony Dorsett on seperate occassions.

    Etc..many more

    Dallas can get fairly small if you've lived here (not in the burbs) for long enough.
  10. the_h0wey

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    Big Cat was Leon Lett's nickname. Erik Williams nickname was Big E
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  11. Joe Realist

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    I met him at a club in Philly back in his playing days. ONE BIG DUDE!
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  12. CowboyWay

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    Tony Dorsett when I was about 11. He was signing autographs at a Lee (jeans) event. He tried to speak with me several times when it was my turn for an autograph, but this guy was my idol growing up..... and I literally couldn't even muster a "hello".... I still laugh about it to this day. I was completely in awe.

    Troy Aikman..... a benefit for some charity. You could tell he didn't want to be there, but he was friendly enough. Much, much larger in person that I would have guessed. Huge hands.

    Dave Campo.... same event...... nicest guy I ever met in my life. He offered to let me wear his Super Bowl ring. Absolutely could not have been nicer if you paid him.

    Emmitt Smith..... At a bar. Spoke a couple of words with him, but he had no interest in talking really. My wife sat down at his table and talked with him for 5 minutes or so.

    Micheal Irvin....funny story....... saw him at a hooters and he was walking by my table to go to the restroom. I looked up, and our eyes met. I said "Hi, Michael"...... and he looked at me like I was pond scum. So knowing that he had to go back the same way he came when he was done in the restroom, I poured out several nutrasweet packets on the table and made lines out of them to look like cocaine..... when he came back my way I said...."Hey, Michael.....want to join us"...... He just kept walking. Spoke with a couple of the waitresses there and she said he was a complete jerk and the girls get in arguments about who has to serve his table because none of them want anything to do with him.

    Joe Avezzano.....don't know what it is with that guy, but I used to run into him all over town. I must have crossed paths with him 6-8 times in a 2 year period. Real nice guy though. Always took the time to talk to everyone.

    There are a few more, but no exciting stories.
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  13. Ranching

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    Anymore stories out there?
  14. Reverend Conehead

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    I met Lee Roy Jordan as a kid. He came to my school. I met Butch Johnson as an adult. He was a customer where I worked. Good guys, both of them.
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  15. Ranching

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    Cant believe i forgot this one. I became a head football coach in Texas back in 2004. Three days later John Fitzgerald, great center for the Cowboys through out the 70s came to see me. He was working as a sales rep. I shook the hand that was under Rogers butt throughout the 70s. I washed as soon as I got home. Lol
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  16. mooseq

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    I met Romo Witten Demarco Murray and Jason Garrett all at the same time and took pics at a Duke game couple years ago. I was speechless and my boss who was with me talked to them and said I was a big time fan and I didn't know what to say lol. I did tell Murray to stay in Dallas.
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  17. csirl

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    Slightly off topic, but I once literally ran into Roger Goodell - we were both rushing around a corner from opposite directions. Both of us briefly apologised before rushing on to wherever we we going.
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  18. Ranching

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    That's pretty cool. Thanks for sharing
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  19. Ranching

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    I hope you washed your hands! Lol thanks for sharing.

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