Have you personally met any Dallas Cowboy player(s)?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by SteveOS, May 23, 2006.

  1. SteveOS

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    Being as most of you are from Texas, I'm guessing you've bumped into a few of them. Any pleasant surprises or nasty looks from any of them? :)
  2. kartr

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    When I was twelve, I met Mel Renfro at a signing at H.E.B. I was so awe-struck I could barely speak. I didn't know if you meant any current Cowboys.
  3. SteveOS

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    Current or inactive is cool, just want to see the stories. :) Did you get his autograph?
  4. Tass

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    I met Jay Novacek and his jeans at Wal-Mart. He signed pictures for me and my son Tanin. I told him I think we'd finally found a TE to take up where he left off in Witten and he nodded and said Witten is "a GOOD player."

    Also met Roy in a sports card store when he was doing a signing. (I didn't get anything signed because it was 50 bucks. I love the Boys but that was about 33% of my bank account at that point.) Anyway, I shook his hand and requested that he please PLEASE put a nasty hit on Eli Manning for being such a whiner. He chuckled and said he'd do his best.
  5. CrazyCowboy

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    I ate BBQ with Roy Williams at Oxnard between training camp practices.....he was great......and allowed me to speak to him each day there after....my favorite story and player and I have met lot's of them.

    Roy--he was by far the friendliest.
  6. Jarv

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    Charles Haley at Harrah's in Lake Tahoe after the 92 SB win...Thanked him for the $1500.00 I picked up from betting the Cowboys would win the SB...($100 bet at 15-1 odds).
  7. CMJ76

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    met don talbert when i was 8. he was a guest speaker at my pop warner football banquet. ran into agian at a local feed store about a year ago. he was showing off his super bowl ring. met dat nguyen a few years ago. a friend of mine is kin to his wife. he invited me and my family over to meet him. we visited with him in his house for a couple of hours. really nice guy. years ago when he played at rockport high, i was fishing with a guide down there. he would always be in a hurry on fridays to go watch the stud linebacker. it was dat. had a couple of trips cut short b/c of him. it was nice to finally get to meet him. met nate newton at t/c.
  8. Funxva

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    Didn't the playmaker hit on one of our members Girlfriend/Wife or somehting? :)
  9. trickblue

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    I been fortunate enough to meet many of them over the years, but the best was playing golf with Cliff Harris and Charlie Waters...
  10. Jarv

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    Sounds like that could have been like an Adam Sandler movie...Any alligators on the course ?
  11. AmarilloCowboyFan

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    Harvey Martin

    Lincoln Coleman
  12. BlueStar22

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    Michael, Deion and Emmitt-They go to my church
    Rocket Ismail at the post office in Valley Ranch
    Andre Gurode at Tom Thumb in Valley Ranch
    Former Boy, Pete Hunter at Fry's Electronics

    Just seen around town

    Roy, Greg Ellis, Dwayn Goodrich, The Night of the Xbox 360 launch, there was a Cowboy at the Gamestop in Valley Ranch who I didn't recognize, but I know he was a Cowboy.
  13. Charles

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    Drew Henson while he was at Michigan. Great guy. He spoke to fans (mostly alums), scouts and mediots for about 30 minutes after practice.

    I specifically remembering him to telling a fellow teammate (some back-up QB) to take him a platter (food) to the lockeroom because he planned on taking his lunch break talking to us.

    Ekuban in High school.

    I met Jimmy Johnson at BWI airport late last year. He blew me off after he realized I wasn't one of his former players (yep I'm 6'2" 195lb). He was in a hurry to catch a flight.
  14. cowboyfreak

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    I have spoken to Darren Woodson, George Teague, Kevin Smith, Robert Jones, Derrick Tennel (seriously, for those who don't remember TE in '92), James Washington, Brock Marion, and Emmitt Smith at training camps, signings, and a charity basketball thingy. There may be a few I forgot but I'll never forget the next one.

    The most memorable was Nate Newton. I saw some players real close to the fence on the opposite side of the field at training camp in Austin. I was leaning on the fence, watching the linemen run some drills. The drill was getting heated, as was everything else, and erupted into my direction. I think it was either Gogan or Gesek not sure which battling with big Nate- they both hit the fence with such force that it knocked my buddy away and me to the ground. Nate leaned over the fence and picked me up and stood me back up. He said something to me and laughed. Neither me or my friend understood exactly what he said, but that didn't matter. That was my closest encounter and I ragged on my friend that I was the only one of us that got actually down in the trenches with a Dallas Cowboy.
  15. QT

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    George Teague came out to watch us play flag football. Ok, the person he was with was on our team. Dat Nguyen played in our basketball tournaments. His Rockport team won it all at the A&M tournament. Seen Michael Irvin several times in Dallas. Last time I saw him at Willow Bend Mall, I told him that I was a big fan of his and that I watch his ESPN shows too. He told me to keep watching. I shook his hand and touched the superbowl ring. NICE. Saw Keyshawn at the club the week before he signed with Dallas.
  16. austintodallas

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    Met Charlie Waters in the Dallas airport as a kid. I thought my Mom was gonna faint. It was kind of embarrasing.
  17. JJB500

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    I met Walter Payton a few year back, i know he never played for the Cowboys but I tell the story anyway! He was signing autographs at a Indy Car race, he was a team owner. He would sign an autograph and then he would whisper a joke something in the people ear, he wouldn't just sign something and walk away he was real cool. When it was my turn he signed something for me he was going to tell me something, but I beat him to it! i looked at him then I looked at the signature then I looked at him again and said, damn i thought you were Emmitt Smith! He put me in a head lock and smacked me in the head and laughed his *** off! He was too cool and such a nice guy!
  18. PA Cowboy

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    Met Bill Bates in Washington D.C. at the players hotel in 1984. Have a picture with him somewhere. Will post it if I can dig it up.
  19. kartr

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    Yes I did and my feet didn't touch the ground for a month. My then 5 year old brother were just like Ralphie and his little brother from the movie, A Christmas Story. The thing that surprised me was the fact that he was no taller than my dad, who is 5 ft 8 in, yet in my child's eyes, he was 10 feet tall.
  20. kartr

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    That's why I like Roy so much, he seems to have that regular guy attitude.

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