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    So my mother in-law is a recent widow. My wife and I are trying to figure out ways to save her money each month with bills. We've added her to our cell phone plan, and gotten rid of her landline. Now, we are trying to tackle the cable TV thing. She has internet, and plans to keep that. I've tried Roku, Amazon Stick, Netflix, etc., but it's too complicated for her and she likes watching live TV. So now i'm thinking of trying the HDTV Antenna thing. I see that Best Buy has this Mohu indoor HDTV antenna which will supposedly pick up local channels.

    Does anyone here have any experience with these things?
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    They have worked very well for me in the past. Living in Austin I could pick up FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS and PBS with no problems. Nice clean, sharp quality images.
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    Just ordered from Amazon - my friend at work got one and it works great.
    "ViewTV VT-366 Digital... Mine was about $49

    He hooked it into the attic in the house. His results are very good - great clear picture.
    He got 70 channels.

    I'm going to put mine above garage.
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    I have one on my roof and it works great. I also made one in 5 minutes from a foil pie pan for outside use, lol

    It all depends on how close the "towers" are to you. Check you address here and you should be able to get an idea of how many will come through:

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    These are easy. They even have some that are good up to 50 miles. Others you may need a preamp for depending on how far you are from the broadcasting antenna.

    If you're in the D/FW area, it shouldn't be an issue. It's flat there and stations usually have good coverage.
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    I had to go outdoor antenna where I live. If you are close enough to the towers I say go for it. I get all the major networks plus ION, HSN, QVC, PBS. The best part, for me at least, are the sub channels like MeTV, COZI, Comet, Laff, etc.

    TV Fool is also a good resource on what you could and could not receive in your area.
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    Just curious. Does your mother-in-law happen to have an antenna she has used for TV in the past? If so, it's very possible it will work. There is nothing special about "HDTV" antennas. They are just regular old over-the-air antennas.

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    I have used an old amplified rabbit-ears antenna for years to watch local HD stations without any issues. I don't even have to touch it to get all local channels. I bought two HDTV antennas (inside type) and they were not as good as my old antenna so I returned them.

    As you said, if the house is old and there is a roof mounted antenna already there, that may work as well.
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  10. maxdallasfan

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    I'm in NJ, so I'll probably give it a shot. Worst that will happen is it doesn't work and I return it.

    Thanks for the info guys!
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    Let her move in with you!
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