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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Chief, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. Chief

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    Al Michaels managed to work in the name of Jerry Rice while talking about the induction of Irvin, Aikman and Smith into the ROH.

    Truly amazing.
  2. Cbz40

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    Yes .....You knew he would..uggggg
  3. smashmouth

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    THat's why I listen to the local broadcast. You're everywhere Poo!
  4. NYCowboy22

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    HAHA I knew someone would call him out on it.
  5. Wolfpack

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    waiting for madden to start on Farve....
  6. calico

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    thank God I was getting another beer when he was talking and missed it.
  7. silverbear

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    Michaels set the tone of the announcing for tonight when he announced at the start of the game that the Cowboys were "retiring the numbers" of Aikman, Emmitt and Irvin... he later repeated that ridiculous claim...

    Somebody didn't do their homework...

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