He said he wanted it out of his drawer...

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by CliffnMesquite, Nov 20, 2009.

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    Stopped by the neighborhood store on the way to work for a pack of smokes. gave the guy a Ten and when I got the change I noticed a two dollar bill. I looked at it and then back to him. And he blurted out in his best pidgen English. "I want it out of my drawer!"
    I just shrugged my sholders and walked out. Apon inspection this particullar bill was signed by C.Douglas Dillon who was Seretary of the tressory in 1953 the year the bill was printed. It's also a "Silver cirtificate" and in very good condition, an "A" series. Looking it up it's worth about Five bucks. :) LOL, I think I'll hang on to it as a good luck charm...

  2. Bob Sacamano

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    you break, you buy!

    get it out of my drawer!

    no want!
  3. hairic

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    Congratulations, you own what was non-fiat money.

    BTW, if that could be redeemed at the 1953 value of a silver dollar (it can't), it's worth $15.92 according to the government's inflation data.
  4. ninja

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    I knew someone who used a $2 bill at a fast food restaurant. The youngster working the register there called the manager over because he/she thought it was fake money.:)

    I always carry a $2 bill in my wallet. I just like them.
  5. CowboyFan74

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    I'll give ya $2 for it right now...:D
  6. Sam I Am

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    $2 bills are considered unlucky which is why he probably didn't want it. (bunch of hooey) They are uncommon these days, but the Silver certificates are even more uncommon and are collectors items. (I believe but don't hold me to it, all silver certificates have red ink (or blue) while non certificates didn't)
    At least all silver certificates I've seen only had red. A guy down the street and my grandmother used to collect them.
  7. kmp77

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    Just don't try and spend it at Taco Bell. They don't think $2 dollar bills are real! :laugh2: :laugh2: Funny story you can look up.
  8. rkell87

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    i have a few of those myself, not obtained in such a neat way though

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