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    Great vid; very much conducive to improving one's health--both mentally and physically.

    Watch and ENJOY!
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    Jones is tone deaf. He reports about some actual interesting shenanigans. He reports about all sorts of crackpot BS. All with the same approach and high dudgeon. Too much trouble to pick through the multitudinous dross for the little bits of actual info.
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    I am not here to judge the messenger; just the message. I am not saying Mr. Jones and his work is infallible by any means. We all have our shortcomings in one way or another. Focusing on just what one falls short of, while dismissing that which may be valuable would not be conducive to a suitable approach at assessing information, discovering truth, and improving in general. It is also critical to do some research on one's own in order to find out whether or not what somebody is saying has verity, if at all. In following this protocol, I have reached my conclusion that much of what Mr. Jones says does indeed hold water.

    I am interested in knowing what this crackpot BS is that you speak of. It is always imperative to go back to the primary sources to verify information. Did you do so prior to labeling Mr. Jones's work crackpot BS? Thus far, you have only provided ad hominem attacks without any valid justifications.

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