Hearing Jerry isn't going to fight

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by phildadon86, Aug 12, 2017 at 9:56 AM.

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    There are two Jerry's in this .. one that's not happy about the Cowboys losing Elliott for several games and one who knows that his business depends heavily on the NFL's success. Jerry's not going to let this slide, it's just not in his nature, but he's likely going to do whatever he does in the background, not the foreground. I suspect he will help Elliott's defense as much as possible and he'll likely make it a point to cause problems for anyone involved in the suspension ruling.
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    Sounds to me like "plausible deniability", don't show me the evidence, don't tell me the evidence and I can go out to the media like Jerry did two weeks ago and say, that he hasn't seen anything that could cause a suspension for Zeke.....
  3. cowboy_ron

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    Jerry didn't fight when the Skins and Cowboys got hosed regarding the CAP when at the time was no Cap.

    Jerry got in the HOF for things he has done for the NFL, not so much with the Dallas Cowboys. If he did contest them rather than rolling over playing dead when the league screws us I could support him better. By not even trying to contest things like this makes me wonder who's side he's really on at times.

    Anyone see a pattern?
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    Jerry is an owner; owners are also under contract. They are vetted and have to agree to support the league before they are allowed to buy a team. Jerry cannot appeal; Jerry cannot openly start a protest or feud. Anything he does must be done in the background.
  5. PA Cowboy Fan

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    What I want Jerry to do is come out and support Zeke much like Kraft did with Brady. No more playing nice with them anymore.
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  6. PA Cowboy Fan

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    That's exactly what Al Davis did.
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    Someone has to stand up for sanity and a fair process. If not Jerry who is going to do it?
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  8. Idgit

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    i think the tea leaves say the opposite. I think the team fights it.
  9. Sydla

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    There was a pretty good reason why he and the Skins didn't push it further which is why comparing this situation to that one is a bit of a stretch.
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    I'm not sure what the point of Jerry "fighting" would even be. Kraft didn't protest substantial penalties of draft picks and a million bucks because he was sure his buddy Goodell would leave it alone at that. Goodell stabbed him in the back and also extracted 4 games out of Brady. Goodell doesn't care about Jerry.
    Heck, I even read one article saying that instead of fighting, Jerry himself should be apologizing to the victim...
  11. PA Cowboy Fan

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    I don't know what reason this time Jerry wouldn't fight. What's he got to lose...a future SB site. Who cares. That's the only thing they have on him in the end.
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  12. GORICO

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    NFL says they have access to "Meta-data" that the police did not which gives evidence the police did not have
    does this fact change anything?....i dont know...but the CBA gave the commissioner so much power and the language is so broad in determining what a violation is that in reality the courts do not have much of a case against NFL....i think people got payed off in CBA to agree to giving commissioner that much power and not specifying the language in more detail what constitutes a violation....Zeke will get his suspension reduced but not set asiide....also this stuff is an indictment against Cowboys for not policing their own people better....it is an outrage how many suspensions cowboys have in comparison to other teams....Stephen A Smith says we are an accident waiting to happen and every year we cowboys make that true it seems...i am upset and outraged and embarrassed at the moment
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  13. thisiscowboyscountry

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    Football is a sport and entertainment first.. The idea of suspending players for incidents they weren't charged for or ones they've already fulfilled their legal obligation for shouldn't be suspended. Outside of performance enhancing drugs the NFL should adopt consistentency between the actual legal law and how they approach their players.
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    IMO, this is bigger than Jerry. This involves the state of all players and the league itself.

    There are legal/ethical issues that are prominent in such a case that need to be determined. This is far greater than the NFL, and because of the NFL's special legal status, has to do with the law of the land. It's not like Zeke can go to a legitimate competitor and exploit his talents for similar income. Playing in the NFL is a privilege, but being the NFL is also a privilege granted by the government. I think Zeke and the NFLPA have to do something.
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  15. visionary

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    I've told you guys before
    Jerry only fights when it comes to his ego or his money. Period.
    Worst owner in sports where fans and winning are concerned
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  16. cowboy_ron

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    Take away Jerry being so recognizable and just look at a few things:

    Let's say there was an NFL "GM" (cough, cough) that:
    1. Doesn't fight for his team when they get penalized for CAP violations when there was no CAP.
    2. Doesn't back one of his players that gets suspended for an incident in which even the police won't charge him with.
    3. Seems to be ok with starting to pay fines every year for off season player infractions.
    4. Cannot make trades where he actually comes out on top if he can make them at all.

    So I ask....is this a GM you would vote into the HOF?
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  17. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Jerry needs to quit be run over by the other owners in the league. It's time to take a stand.
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  18. goshan

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    The 'meta data' is just time-stamps and GEO location of the photographs she took of her bruises. Basically she is claiming that violence occurred over a multi-day period at certain specific times, and the time stamps on the photos support her story of when and where it happened. It isn't that complicated.
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  19. ActualCowboysFan

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    I always check the Saturday morning local news for detailed legal arguments.
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  20. hornitosmonster

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    Jerry was once a fighter, he no longer is the man who got himself in the HOF.
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