"Hell of a game!", Sherman's words to Crabtree Postgame

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by TheCount, Jan 23, 2014.

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    Seems like the face shove is what really made Sherman berserk. Obviously, Crabtree wasn't interested in shaking hands at that exact moment.
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    I like Sherman. I feel like I shouldn't, but I just do.
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    Richard Sherman Post-Game Interview Rant (as a Piano Ballad)


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    It's popular to kind of pile on Sherman, and it's understandable as to why, but Crabtree has a history in these kinds of things as well.
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    Sherman is a class act, a fiery guy.

    The irony around here is so amazing. People hate Jason Garrett's robot approach and want him to be fiery and spit and yell at players and refs. A player gets fired up after sending his team to the Super Bowl, and people freak out.

    I know the real reason why. But I don't wanna get benched.

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    It was an amazing play.

    But...turn the tables. Crabtree makes catch, then runs to get in Sherman's face with "hell of a game, hell of a game".

    You, me and everyone else doesn't want to hear it.

    You have to put this in context of the actions and non actions that just did and didn't take place.
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    A class act? Please. lol
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    Cas, I'm interested in knowing why. Please PM me, but if has to do with ridiculous stereotypical stuff, I'll just :rolleyes:.

    I have no problem with a guy who gets fired up after making a play like that. But to do what he did in that sequence of events was uncalled for. In the heat of the moment, he resorts to what a 13 year old child would do.

    "I'm the best, you suck."
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    I think it's because you're lumping different groups of people into one group.
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    From the get-go I didn't think claiming that Sherman was 'classless' was the right description. A small fraction of people called him a 'thug' and now the majority seems to have changed their tune given Sherman's background (I knew Sherman's background when he basically started in the league). It's really a mea culpa by these people because a small minority assumed he was a 'thug.' Well, guess what? There's always a small minority that will say and assume stupid things. They are often referred to as the lowest common denominator. So the media has their field day with the LCD instead of addressing the real issue....Richard Sherman showed poor tact in that post game interview. And all of the degrees from Stanford still cannot change that.

    When I heard the interview, I didn't think it was classless. In fact, I'm not sure how one can be less 'classy' than other classless events we see in every single game.

    My issue is that Sherman's interview was selfish.

    Sherman made the pass deflection. If Malcolm Smith wasn't there to catch the deflection and get the interception, it's still 2nd and 10 on the Seattle 18 yard line with about 30 seconds to go. And I love Sherman's cornerback skills, but Crabtree did get separation and if Kaepernick makes a near perfect throw (it was not a bad throw, but it could have been better), the Niners win.

    Instead, it was all about Richard Sherman. He doesn't mention Smith coming up with the INT. He doesn't mention the 2 forced fumbles earlier in the game by the D-Line or the interception by Kam Chancellor early on. Or the coaching staff that took a chance on a 6'3" corner who played WR most of his college career. Or the fans of Seattle that make Qwest Field the most difficult place to play in the NFL.

    Two wrongs don't make a right. So applauding Sherman because he was miscategorized as classless or categorized as a 'thug' by the LCD, doesn't make his words any better. And yes, he should apologize. To his teammates for putting himself above the team.

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    I don't buy him as a class act at all. There is a huge difference between being emotional and being Sherman.

    Sportsmanship be damned, the guy just loves the spotlight. I don't care what he says. He is smart, and that works against him because its easy to see how calculated everything he does is. He knew that trying to shake Crabtree's hand right after the pick would make him mad, and he knew people would talk about his rant before it happened. That's what makes people dislike him.

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    Completely disagree.
    It was an in the moment, "I outplayed the WR on the ball and helped win the game" moment. IMO.
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    All he did was bat the ball. Smith came up with the interception. Had Smith not caught the ball, the Niners still have the ball...2nd and 10 on the Seattle 18 with 30 seconds to go.

    It's a team game.

    But, for Sherman it was all about him and what he did. Forgetting that Smith was also part of the equation And he didn't outplay Crabtree on the ball. Crabtree did have separation. If the throw was better the ball doesn't get deflected and Seattle loses the game. And if the ball gets deflected and Smith doesn't make the catch...the Seahawks could have...very easily....lost the game.

    It's the same way if they interviewed Smith instead of Sherman and if Smith would have said that he's the best linebacker in the game and how dare they throw near him. It cuts both ways and Sherman fails to realize it. And because the LCD wants to call him a 'thug', people want to make that a big deal and think that Sherman was right in saying what he did.

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    I didn't have any problem with what Sherman said to Crabtree right after the end of that play but it wasn't necessary to call out Crabtree (saying he was a sorry receiver) while getting interviewed by Erin Andrews, to me that portion was classless.

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    It probably wasn't necessary and I probably would not have done it that way either but lets not act as if it wasn't initiated by Crabtree and his actions, both in the moment and prior to the game. Crabtree is a talker and he always has been. He called out Seattle's secondary long before any of the comments or events of that game. Crabtree, IMO, did a lot of talking but didn't man up when it counted. Just prior to that INT, Crabtree had an opportunity to make a catch for a first down but pulled up on his route and got alligator arms. I mean, Crabtree could have come up much bigger in this game but he didn't and it was because of the play of Sherman and the Seattle secondary. If you are going to talk the talk, then you can't complain when you get your lunch eaten. When Sherman said what he said after the game, Crabtree didn't have to react the way he did and to be honest, are you really going to expect Sherman to just do nothing, say nothing? They are division rivals and they are going to see each other down the road. Sherman almost has to react to that. Rivalries are only rivalries because the other team has the ability to beat you.

    It is what it is.

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    I like your posts and you seem like a good guy. I simply disagree.

    You are injecting "if's" when I will inject "but".

    He tipped it, the other defender happened to be standing to catch it as it floated down.
    But the tip was more important than the int. Without the tip there is no chance for int.
    Without the tip the season is over for them.
    "The first thing allowed the 2nd thing to be important"
  19. Yakuza Rich

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    How is the tip more important than the INT?

    If Smith drops the INT or doesn't get back that far in the end zone in time (deep drop for a LB), the game is still on and Seattle could have very well lost.

    That's football. That's why it is the ultimate team game. It is filled with 'if' scenarios on every single play. So Sherman taking all of the credit for himself is selfish.

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    Sherman is a thug and Bieber is a misguided kid? I must hang out in different circles than you folks if this is the news you are receiving......or looking for.
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