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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Rack Bauer, Aug 6, 2014.

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    Mr. Lucky's is top 10 on the silver bullet board...and I hope you don't find any tunnels. On repel...
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    Kim Kardashian reports that no ever thing was perfect at her wedding.
    Her trainer says she is burning up a lot of calories in her workouts.
    Kayne West is learning fatherhood and they are well.
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  3. GimmeTheBall!

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    Nothing like keeping the local populace on the run.
  4. Zimmy Lives

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    Best of luck, RB! Be well.
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    Keep calm and carry on man. Be safe and thanks.
  6. Fletch

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    First off, you sound like you are still serving overseas. God bless ya! You haven't missed much brother. We might have the best O-line in the NFL. We'll see. We got some peeps nursing some injuries, but they all should be back before preseason ends, minus Lee. Risen Star's favorite CB, Brandon Carr has yet to report to camp since his mother (RIP) passed. Other than that, we're doing alright.

    Stay safe.
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    I had no idea you were in Afghanistan, my brother was over there 2 years ago I believe it was at Shank. Will say some prayers you come back whole. In Cowboys news not much to add to what has already been said other than reports are that Zack Martin is the real deal... God bless
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    Tony Dorsett Jr is having a complete breakdown that the Cowboys have 96 players at campy and have the audacity that one is wearing #33
  9. Wolf2k5

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    I hated the internet there. I was in a hut near chow hall and the old tower. Good luck to you man
  10. TX_Yid

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    Thank you for being where you are, so that I can be safe where I am. Come home safe man.
  11. perrykemp

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    Sometimes... when I am tired after a long day of work -- I'm a bit irritable and cranky. I wish it wasn't so but it is.

    You comments, particularly this above comment made by you this very day, make me smile, chuckle a bit, and make me altogether happier.

    This beer is for you my friend.
  12. Mr Cowboy

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    One bit of good news, Lawrence was injured, but was able to limp to a golf cart, and was able to make it to the trainers tent without the medical cart!
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  13. FuzzyLumpkins

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    More injuries on defense: claiborne, mcclain, lawrence, moore, johnson, bass, patmon, hamilton, gardner, selvie, w smith, mcclain, spencer, okoye

    r McClain, selvie bass and spencer appear close to returning. johnson is out with the trainers too but I never consider him close to anything but the IR nowadays.

    Spencer is working on the cords while the players practice and has been doing so for the past week to get his conditioning up. I think people are finally coming around to how close he is. I wouldn't be stunned if he started practicing next week or the following one.

    The general sense is that the offense is way ahead of the defense. the OL and WR are feasting on the injured DL and secondary. there is a bevy of street free agents out there taking reps.

    Melton has his quickness and looks effective. Martin looks the real deal and the battles those two have when matched up have been back and forth as one would hope from great players.

    Bernadeau has looked steady and more importantly healthy. Leary got hurt in the conditioning drills 2 weeks ago but has returned and looked immpressive. strong and nasty. we will be in good shape with either one.

    Tyron is dominating people and his nastiness has taken Weems and Lawrence to the trainers.

    Fred is Fred. Dominant physical presence is on display.

    Free is steady and does not appear to have regressed as he did two years ago. The unit looks great.

    Parnell has regressed. Using poor technique and is slow on his kickslide. People are getting by him before he sets up on the 2s.

    Dez Bryant has taken his game to another level. Linehan's offense has more of a WCO feel with the short passing game and he is feasting on slants in and drags. He is going to be unbelievable. He is the hardest worker on the team and engaged fully.

    Escobar and Dunbar are going to be featured in the offense. Both Escobar and Hanna put in work making themselves noticeably larger and that will help the perimeter blocking.

    All the RB look good from Murray to Malena. Need to see game action to get a better feel.

    The WR are deep. End of the roster guys are making tons of plays. Guys like Boyd, Byrd and Street are abusing their secondary counterparts. In fairness they are severley undermanned and struggling because of it. Need to see new opponents.

    The DL is in flux. Hayden still starts but is slow attacking gaps. He basically cannot be asked to stunt and get home on time to make the play work. He has trouble executing pass rush moves like the spin where it requires quick feet.

    Selvie appears able to give us at least what he gave us last year. Crawford is making plays against this very good line and Mincey started off slow but has been playing better. Mincey will likely have his most success as an interior rusher on the nickel.

    We are going to be fine at LB as opposed to last year. Lee is out but the other guys are prepared. Carter, Holloman, Durant, Wilber, McClain, and Lawrence all have a good grasp on the offense and are making quick reads. So far at least. Hitchens is not playing mike but rather will and is making some plays but needs more experience. The other guys are not worth mentioning.

    Wilcox is emerging as a leader and the game appears to have slown down for him. He is very good in the angles he is taking and is doing a good job finding the ball when it is in the air. Church is still always around the ball.
    Heath needs to show he can tackle in a real game and Hamilton is competing much better than last year even if he does not win all his battles. He is working with corners due to injuries and is holding his own.

    Carr has been out for personal reasons and should return any day. Claibonre was playing very well but has that knee tendinitis and is being held out. Scandrick is what he is in terms of coverage. He is always going to have trouble against big receivers but he has much better ball skills. He is actually catching interceptions and I would not be stunned for a banner year for him. Patmon and Mitchell are 7th/UDFA guys that are working their butts off and making some plays in what is a very disadvantageous situation for them. One of them will make the team. Webb has been awful and picked on all camp by Weeden, Vaughn and Hanie.
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  14. ninja

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    When it comes to injuries, how could you forget Matt Johnson?:) His pulled hamstring generated about 20 pages here.
  15. FuzzyLumpkins

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    At least he only broke his pinky toe and it wasn't a lisfranc or shredded knee like the original report would have you believe.
  16. brymatt94

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    Hey God Bless my friend. Please take care, and thank you for your service, its because of people like you that we are able to watch our Cowboys.

    The offense is great, the defense is suspect and we can only wait and see now. You'll have a hell of an O-line to come back home to, that's for sure.
  17. diehard2294

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    Be safe...
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    Ur nice
  19. GimmeTheBall!

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    Always glad to bring smiles to familiar faces.

    Bier was good and filling, mein friend! After I drank it, for you, I did a little Teutonic dance step I learned in Spatz when I was training for mole removal.
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