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Discussion in 'New Members Zone' started by The Dark Bishop, Jan 22, 2014.

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    Sorry it has taken me so long to post being I have been a member for a few years now. I just love the content here and while the bashing of a few gets mundane, overall I love the back and forth from you guys rather it be good or bad.

    First and foremost I am and always will be a Cowboys fan. Blame it on my older sister or being from Virginia, I loathe the Redskins and since my parents were Pittsburgh fans, it just makes sense I became one with the star. Luckily for me I witnessed not only the 90's but the 70's, so I have had my fair share of happiness before the drought we now suffer.

    Anyhow I would like to say hello to you all and hope that with a few more posts I can like a post and maybe give some input in the Draft Zone or maybe one of the bombshell arguments from time to time. See you guys around and thanks again for the entertaining reads each night I come home from work.
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    Welcome to the club. Hope you enjoy your time here and I look forward to your draft analysis.
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    If you have been hangng around that long you should have your hardhat and wading boots out of layaway---So jump on in
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    Thanks for the warm welcome from the staff. I normally just follow the fan zone or the draft zone but seeing I have yet to earn the right to give likes or give my two cents on a matter, I decided to post and get involved. After this week I really wanted to weigh in on some things but need to pay my dues. Since I really don't have much more to add to my first post I figured I might add some funny moments I have had this past few year working at the Cheesecake Factory in Dulles VA.

    The first moment was one I will never forget. It was my forth week (July 2012) after training and I was serving a table of 14. While trying to bus some of the many plates from my table, I was walking away with like 6 plates in my hands as Joe Theisman was walking out of the restroom and ran into me. His reply after running into a server with both arms full of plates was, "Do you know who the **** I am, how dare you run into me". Without skipping a beat I said "you are the ex QB of the Redskins that LT took out." While my management did not care for my answer, he did say this loud enough to kill a dining room of chatter with how loud he was and showing his arrogance. My answer was priceless seeing so many chuckled.

    Another moment was last year while serving RG3 he got a little upset by how so many fans were asking for autographs while the employees were more interested in the woman he brought with him. Sorry but if her skirt barely covers anything, we are gonna look. lol

    Lastly was Sunday night, I had to serve Brian Dawkins. While I hate to admit he was a thorn in our sides for many years, I gave him his just due. What was funny is he offered me a tip if I took off my Dallas Cowboy's tie. Classy right? Ole well. Not the best experience but funny anyhow.

    Hope you guys got a few laughs anyhow.

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