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Discussion in 'New Members Zone' started by kimrose, Jan 21, 2012.

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    Yea! My account is up and running now!:bow:

    Hi everyone. I'm Kim, Lane's wife. Now I can post whenever I want. lol. It's good to finally be on board. I have been reading The Zone for years now, through my husband's account, since '04 or '05, whenever he joined. I love this site, it's just about the only one I go to on the net anymore. I can spend all day on it, which I know is sad...but I'm a nerd.

    Been a Cowboys fan my whole life, I call myself an descendant of an original Cowboys fan. My grandpa was a fan just about from the Boys' inception, so I grew up watching them. Yesss...I was a girl, so I watched like a girl (barbie dolls and matchbox cars in front of the TV). Lane makes fun of me for that. lol. Didn't know the difference between a DE and a NT, but really, how many 5 year old boys did??:) But I knew good players and winning when I saw them. And when we lost, you couldn't speak to my grandpa for a whole week! So I knew about true passion for the Dallas Cowboys, as well. I also know that the Cowboys are the only team in my entire life that have been able to watch the whole game, never could get my heart into another team. Miss those great days with my Grandpa, seems like forever ago. I guess it was. Anyway, glad to be here finally.
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    nice to meet you. :D
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    Hey kristie! Thanks :)
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    Glad to have you here under your own account...


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