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    Hey Guys! My name is Cameron Parker and I am 14. I live in Charlotte, NC but was raised in Round Rock, Texas. I am a HUGE Texas Longhorns fan and have been to numerous athletic games of theirs. Although my Dad is a big Cowboy fan and my middle name is Dallas after the Cowboys, I have never considered them my "favorite team". I basically like teams that have former Longhorns on their team(Browns, Bills etc..), but have 5 Cowboy jerseys. NFL is the only sport that I have not sticked to one team. I watch and follow most sports. My favorite teams are Texas Longhorns, Texas Rangers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Dallas Stars, and Jeff Gordon. I would like to Become a Journalist and someday be on ESPN.

    Hook'em Horns
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    Hello Bevo...I'm sure the official welcoming will come in as they can, just thought I'd welcome you until then....good career choice..stick with your goals young man and good luck
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    :welcome: to Cowboys Zone.

    We look forward to hearing your opinions on the Cowboys and other forum related topics.


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    :welcome: Cameron


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