Help Sell Me On Jason Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheFinisher, Oct 10, 2012.

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    I agree, but at that point in the game with the score the way it was and the implications of a PI call (game over), you have to roll the dice and throw the flag.

    If it was a good challenge you still have a miniscule chance of winning, if it was not, you lose anyway.
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    Maybe, or you lose the chance to challenge the next play and a timeout.

    I don't see why it matters tho. He did throw the flag and we won the challenge.
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    I don't even think like this. Do you think that Murray is going to out running back Lewis?

    I do wonder if Garrett's team is going to come out as unprepared and jittery as they have the last few weeks. I never accept that it's a foregone conclusion that we lose. I try not to be a defeatist in the face of adversity though.
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    He's 2-3 but should be 3-2 had it not been for the rob job vs Seattle. Green Bay has been in every game they've played losing by a combined 13 points despite their OL issues. Not sure what your point is but everyone of Rodgers stats are better than Romo's and his OL has been far worse and the Packers running game hasn't been much better than the Cowboys.

    The Packers are obviously not the team they were last year they seem to be suffering from a hangover after being immediately knocked off in the playoffs last season after going 15-1.
  5. KJJ

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    I'm not sure continuity is going to help the Cowboys OL much it's going to take adding better players during the offseason to fix the problem.
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    Which is why the team should be playing better than it is. Even though the talent has gotten better the team hasn't.

    Our defense has been up and down like the rest of the team. It looked pretty good against the Giants on opening night but did receive some breaks from 3 drops by Cruz and a missed open receiver by Eli in the end zone that would have led to a Giants TD. The defense then got shredded on the ground by Seattle 11 days later. The D looked real solid against TB the following week then the secondary got abused by Chicago a week later.

    That hasn't changed the inconsistent pattern we've been seeing.

    That's true for any team in the league it's the NFL. The problem with the Cowboys is they don't click very often too inconsistent.

    What head coach have the Cowboys had that Witten and the other leaders haven't endorsed? According to them they all loved Wade go back and read some of the glowing comments they made about him.

    He took over a team that was being picked by many prior to the 2010 season to play the SB in their own stadium. Exactly what good work has he done with our roster?

    That's comforting to know. :rolleyes: Not one other team would have hired Garrett as their head coach the way things were going in 2010. Garrett was under fire as the OC for making a boneheaded call that season right before the half vs Wash on opening night that led to a fumble that was scooped for a TD. His play calling contributed to that 6-10 season.

    Right, until the team folded in Dec going 1-4 which included Garrett icing his own kicker which cost his team a game they desperately needed. At least you made an attempt at selling him.
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    Actually, I did mention two Reeves in this post. You know, the same Jacques Reeves I mentioned in the post, the guy who was god awful in our secondary, prior to Dave Campi coming, and yet we were still better in 2007 with such crappy CBs...

    but as far as Dan Reeves, that fact does nothing to corraborate your point in reality, because it further cements the idea that Jerry wanted Jason to handle the OC duties, without interference, meaning he's been setting it up for Garrett from day one..

    So like I said, what does it have to do with my point? You know the one about Jerry paving the way for Garrett, even when Wade was here... If anybody was hamstrung, it surely doesn't seem to be Garrett...
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    not at all a fair complaint imho.

    reeves simply didnt want to move here and leave his family in atlanta.

    he wanted a consultant type role with an OC salary. he needed to make more money than he made on his tv gigs without needing to be in town more than a couple days per week.

    he interviewed elsewhere after us and didn't take any other jobs either.

    jerry's issue was hiring garrett before wade. that should not have happened and is both poor mgmt and terrible leadership.
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    The real problem was no one was in charge of the team, JG ran his offense and Wade ran his defense. That left Jerry as the sudo HC so to speak. It seems like not too much has changed in that regard, only Ryan runs the defense now. I thought JG was going to be the HC in more then just title. When you have 3 people in charge, no one is in charge.
  10. Doomsay

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    IMO, that is a huge issue. There have been many examples of independent and established defensive coordinators that were in situ prior to a head coach being hired (LeBeau Buddy Ryan come to mind), but the almost theatrical orchestration of the not ready for prime time, head-coach-in waiting being hired prior to the supposed HC seemed really farcical. Although Garrett appears to be somewhat more in control of the team than Wade was, it is also clear that Jerry is still very much in command, Byzantine style.
  11. jterrell

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    Being in place as in already under prior contract is one thing. Making an actual new hire immediately prior to the head coach is altogether another.
  12. jterrell

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    I believe you are saying exactly what I did.

    It is hiring Garrett prior to Wade at the pay he was hired in at for OC/asst HC that created a 3-headed monster.

    If Jerry is Owner/GM he needs a strong HC with FULL say over his staff at the very least. And Jerry controls how strong that HC can be by how much authority he gives him.

    No matter what business you are in, you are set up to fail as the leader if you can't build your own team.
  13. Doomsday

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    Gotcha, guess I took your other post a bit out of context and I couldn't agree more.

    I thought JG was going to be in charge of everything then you read comments from players on defense about how they barely interact with him.
  14. Doomsay

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    I saw that later, sorry. Yeah, I think that it's a violation of a fundamental leadership principal. No doubt Jerry throws a lot of prime ingredients into the mix with high profile player, assistant and coordinator signings, but they seem to be done somewhat independently of the HC. I thought that it was kind of a stretch to suggest that the players were playing well due to the fear of Jerry in the 2nd half of 2010, but I admit that I kind of wonder about that now.

    I'm sure that there aren't many pure HC-in-charge scenarios in the NFL these days, but we seem to be very far away from the arm's length.....hire a head coach and

    [1] Give him the authority and flexibility to hire his staff
    [2] Let him be the face of the team, both internally and externally
    [3] Give him AND his coaching staff time to sink or swim on his own merits w/o intervening

    I think all of the 3 elements invests the coach in his position. He's got to make it work because it's his staff and reputation at risk, and the players know this and respond accordingly. The feel in Dallas has been more laissez faire from a coaching perspective under Wade and Jason, they seem loathe to be too assertive (for fear of something) and you have to believe that the players can sense it.
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    Although I see Lab on this board has it in his signature, it helps to see it in print:

    Sparano called plays (Garrett was w. Dolphins):
    2006: 4th scoring, 5th total off (yards per game)
    Sparano assist HC, off line coach. Garrett OC and called plays:
    2007: 2nd scoring, 3rd total off
    Garrett solo OC without Sparano:
    2008: 18th scoring, 13th total off
    2009: 14th scoring, 2nd off
    2010: 30th scoring, 16th off
    2011: 15th scoring, 11th off


    Callahan as OC w. Raiders (his only NFL stint as OC)
    1998: 22nd scoring, 22nd total offense
    1999: 9th scoring, 9th total offense
    2000: 3rd scoring, 6rd total offense
    2001: 4th scoring, 7th total offense
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    I LOL'd.
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    Great numbers though. Garrett's offense seems average at getting yards and average at getting points. Pretty consistently too. Not sure why we insist on having him call the plays when he has been producing consistently average offense.

    We replaced Brian Stewart w/ Wade when he sucked at his job, so why can't we make a switch now?
  18. dallasfan4lizife

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    :clap2: I'm sure some of the weak cowboy fans on here won't use these stats to realize how bad oh a HC garrett is.

    I mean if he can't handle the offense, do you think he can handle the whole team??
  19. jterrell

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    Lots of great coaches didn't/don't run the offense.

    The skills and abilities of a head coach and a great offensive coordinator are not the same. If they were, Norv would have multiple titles in San Diego.

    I think it is almost certain Garrett would be a better head coach if he had less duties as a play-caller.

    It is certainly less disruptive to have Callahan call plays through the end of the year than it is to go out and get a new head coach mid-season.

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