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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Horatio, Sep 26, 2007.

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    Hi folks, new user here. I'm a football historian who is trying to track NFL uniforms worn in each game for every team, historically. The Cowboys are pretty easy to figure out: unless I'm mistaken, they've worn white at home since 1964, when they went to the current uniforms. (I'm not counting any of the 'throwback' games over the last few years.)

    The Cowboys would be 'forced' to wear their blue jerseys just a few times each year. I'm trying to confirm for what games this was done, for anyone who has a long memory or photo evidence that can be posted here.

    For instance, I know the Cowboys wore blue on the road against the Steelers in 1967, as I have a lot of old football books with BW pics. As far as I know, the NFL had a rule from 1957-63 that the home team had to wear their dark jerseys at home...but in 1964 they relaxed this and many teams experimented with wearing white.

    Any help with this would be much appreciated!!

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    The thread link above has every team picture from 1960 through 2005. The 2006 photo has not been introduced yet. It will give you a timeline of differences in the jerseys.

    The Cowboys were the very first team to wear white jerseys at home. This began in the 1960's but I am not sure which year. I believe you are correct that it was 1964, but I have no idea why this rings true with me. It may be from something I read in Peter Golenbeck's book, "Cowboys Have Always Been My Heroes." It may also be that 1964 is the first year they wore white for the team pictures.
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    Hostile.......that is one great thread.....bookmarked now for future
    looks...thanks for posting it !!!!!!!
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    That whole forum has great stuff in it. I had so much fun researching it.
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    Soooo, your claim is that you invented the thread!?

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    As far as I know, neither the team nor the league keep an official record of jersey color worn by home or visiting teams.

    I know folks like to make much of the "blue jersey jinx", but I think its a matter of wearing blue almost exclusively on the road, and the record of Dallas (like most teams) is worse on the road than at home.

    This page will show you which jersey the Cowboys wore for each of their games this past season (2007):


    I'm not aware of a similar resource for other years, other than a newspaper archive (the DMN archives from 1960 - 1977 can be accessed via most public libraries if you're in Texas).

    Sorry I can't be of more help.
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    As far as the "jinx" of the blue-jersey, it originated due to the team losing Super Bowl V to the Colts while wearing blue. I know that Dallas wore blue against the Rams in the '78 Playoffs and just trashed them, I believe 35-7, on their way to Super Bowl XIII. I also remember Dick Vermil making Dallas wear the blue jersey in the 1980 NFC Championship game, which the Cowboys lost 20-7. Dallas also lost the 1982 NFC Championship to Washington wearing blue.

    When you considered the two Super Bowl loses to the Steelers, while wearing the white jersey, i think it is non-sense to even consider that a jersey color is jinxed. The loses are always magnified when they occur in the post-season, no matter which jersey they occur in. Just my opinion:)

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    The "Blue Jersey Jinx" was simply a result of them only wearing the blue jerseys on the road. Of their 3-4 losses during the season, it made perfect sense for them to be losses on the road to a team that was essentially playing their superbowl.

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