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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by cowboysfan31, Jul 3, 2005.

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    I was wondering if I could get some advice on a fantasy team that I just drafted today. This is what the team looks like after the draft:

    QB- Mike Vick and Ben Roethlisberger
    WR- Braylon Edwards, Charles Rodgers, Michael Clayton, Tory Holt, and Drew Bennet
    RB-Priest Holmes, J.J., and Ronnie Brown
    TE- Daniel Graham and Bubba Franks
    K- Ola Kimrin and John Hall
    Def- Cowboys

    My TEs and Ks are the weakest spots on my team right now IMO. To help, I've got 2 moves pending; Drop Kimrin and pick up Rian Lindell (best K undrafted) and dropping John Hall and adding Arizona's D as backup. I would have made a move for a better TE but the only ones left are worse than the 2 I've already got. Does anyone else have any suggestions on what moves I should make?
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    It's my opinion that unless you get one of the 2 or 3 top te's it doesn't matter who you pick. If you can get a few points out of them you should be ok.
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    Looks like a real good squad.
    I'd be real tempted to drop a TE and add another RB like Ricky Williams(protecting you in case Ronnie Brown doesn't get many carries as a rookie).

    You can either eat a zero on the TE's bye week or drop a kicker then and add a TE and shuffle those 2 positions as needed.

    Extra RB's almost always pay off.

    The more interaction you plan to have the better the idea of dropping one TE.
  4. Mr. Fantasy

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    First of all, what are the scoring rules and lineup requirements?
    A few observations:

    QBs: If Vick didnt run the ball he'd be useless. The potential is definitely there...if he ever "gets it". Roethlisberger is a solid backup.

    RB: I like your RB's, but you have no depth and I think it would be wise to address this need first. I would be trying to move some WR's to pick up Larry Johnson. PHolmes will be 32yrs old and has had to major knee injuries in 3yrs.

    WR: You have a Stud and 2 solid starters with Holt, Clayton, and Bennett. I'm not expecting very much from Edwards or Rodgers and therefore they would become trade bait.

    TE: Bubba Franks has been a consistent redzone target over the last 5 years and is good for 5-8 TD's. Unfortunately, he doesn't catch very many balls and doesnt gain very many yards to make a bigger difference fantasy wise. I have ranked 13th right now. Daniel Graham started off the season hot last year, remember? He scored 5 TDs in the first 4 games, but then missed a few games with injuries and only scored 2 more the rest of the season. On the positive side, he was still the #9 TE last year despite missing time, so he could be a real sleeper this year and has top 5 potential...but as with any New England player, just realize that NE spreads the ball around pretty well. I have him ranked 14th.

    PK: Dont worry too much about this position because they are a dime a dozen. You can pick one up off the waivers to fill in for a bye wk. Carry 1 and so you can free up a spot more for more important positions.

    DEF: This is a very hard position to predict because so much changes on "team defenses" every year. Our boys definitely have top 10 "fantasy production" but they havent been worthy of a starting spot in most leagues for some time now. Now again, i dont know anything about your scoring system, but i'm guessing its pretty standard, this is another position that you only need to carry one of. Most likely, youre going to find a hot defense on the waivers and you can ride them till they cool off. Hopefully you waited until at least round 12 to pick up a defense.

    good luck

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    Where did you draft Vick?
  6. TheSkaven

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    I wouldn't worry about kicker, but your TE and QB positions are a bit weak. Hard to know what you can do about that without knowing who is available. I love Dallas Clark in this year's draft - Manning spreads the ball around and Pollard is now with Detroit. Vick is a nightmare as a fantasy QB, putting up a monster game one week, and laying a 0 the next. Might want to look around and see what other options you have there.
  7. cowboysfan31

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    Ok, thanks for all of the replies.

    jterrell, I'm not sure about Ricky I want to see what kind of shape he's in after the long layoff plus he'll still probably have to serve his suspension I believe. I could always drop a TE (not sure which one, they're both almost dead even) and pick up J.J. Arrington who will probably start in Az.

    Woohitz, the lineup and scoring is all stock from yahoo. It is just a plain public league. Like I said I think I'm gonna try and make a move to pick up Arrington as an extra RB. For the WRs, I think that Rogers is going to finally break out this year. The ball will be shared up there quite a bit but I think he can still get some good points, Edwards on the other hand I might end up trading. With the defense, I'm going to pick up two possible sleepers (Dallas and Arizona) and see which one comes out hot, then I'll dump the other and get some help in another area.

    jcollins, I got Vick in the 6th and Roethlisberger in the 13th round.

    TheSkraven, at QB there are still some decent names out there. There is still Harrington, Bledsoe, Carr, Volek, and Boller...stupid 2 day waiver though and I'm 7 out of 10 on it so no telling who will get picked up.

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