Henson Highlights (Video)

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by AceofSpades, Nov 21, 2004.

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    thanks. hopefully we will have more of these in the near future.
  3. Duane

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    Thanks for the videos!!!
  4. dallasfaniac

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    Things to look for:

    1st play - Henson looks to Morgan first, then down to Copper for the first. Nice progression.
    2nd play - Recognizes the blitz, dumps off rather than throwing an INT for a TD.
    3rd play - Steps up and throws out of bounds rather than take a sack or force an INT.
    4th play - Just a good pass, nothing to be said.
    5th play - On a rope, that would not have been completed by Testes.
    6th play - His best play in my mind. Progresses through Witten, Johnson, Copper, Morgan and then back to Copper, instantly roping one to him.

    We have a QB that surveys the field? He does not look nervous at all, just looks like he knows what to do and then does it.

    7th play - Feels the pressure around the side from behind and steps up, nice scramble for the first. Baseball's probably taught him how to slide, but he might not know because you have to hit the ball before you can run the bases.
    Last play - Not a spectacular TD pass, but I have seen some of our previous QBs miss the open man consistantly.
  5. Juke99

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    Glad you saved those clips of him walking up to center...looking around...calm as could be..and the eyes...his demeanor and poise is what struck me the most...

    Good job..thanks.
  6. Hostile

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    That was just aces Ace. :p

    I would also like to say that I was impressed with Quincy Morgan's diving to get a 1st down.

    This was 2 minute drill stuff guys and the kid looked like an old pro at it. That's the hardest time to be a QB and the kid shined.

    Very impressive.
  7. TruBlueCowboy

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    Thanks for the clips Ace. I believe!! :cool: I tell you what, Henson certainly looks better in his first game than Quincy or Hutchinson ever did. Nice to get first round talent back at the QB spot.
  8. xpistofer

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    like quincy he seems to naturally tend to throw off his back foot and that baseball jump throw - hopefully he has the arm strength (ala favre) to overcome this if he doesnt learn to throw from his front foot. not alot to complain about though - guy looks great.
  9. StateCollegeCowboy

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    The play that really sticks out to me is the throw to barns. He hikes the ball, several guys are blitzing him and he recognizes it right away and dumps off the ball so fast that the rushers never even breathed on him.

    Now that is a "quick release" and done on his second pass attempt ever in the NFL.

    He is going to make mistakes, but you can just feel he is the real deal.
  10. VirusX

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    And defending on the TD was who? Ed "The Man" Reed.

    Im very impressed with henson. Hope he plays thursday so we can see if he is the consistent qb we need.
  11. TruBlueCowboy

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    So if he crashes and burns in his second game, you're suddenly going to say he isn't a consistent QB? :confused: Henson doesn't have much talent surrounding him and he has a defense that makes him play catch-up. You can expect some bad games this year if Henson finishes the season. Consistency ain't gonna happen with this team, it's not good enough.
  12. StateCollegeCowboy

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    If we can finally run the ball with Jones... I think our team will be more consistent from here on out. No matter who is at QB...
  13. TheHustler

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    So when is the Julius Jones highlight video?
  14. AceofSpades

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    Thanksgiving :D
  15. jamez25

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    thanks for that video.
  16. morasp

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    They have said that this guy is a brainiac who picked up the offense very quickly in training camp. I thought that there were two things that distinguished him from testaverde. When they blitzed him, he didn't seem to panic and throw the ball up for grabs. Second, I always thought that Vinny decided who he was going to throw to before the ball was even snapped and thus missed a lot of open receivers. This guy seemed to be able to find the open guy while the play was progressing which is evident by all the different receivers he threw to. One last thing, when they showed a close up of him walking up to the line of scrimmage, he just looked like a Dallas Cowboy quarterback. Even though I hate to say wait till next year this guy has got me excited for the future.
  17. Fla Cowpoke

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    I loved when they were showing the closeups of his face and Moose was talking about his demeanor. It could not have been any better.

    He was looking all around, appeared that he was checking the time clock, watching the receivers, scanning the defense. I'd say his first game time was a success.

    What may be even tougher for him is a start...when teams have a chance to scheme for you. You know Lovie Smith will throw every blitz in the book, and some not in the book, at Henson if he starts.
  18. dbair1967

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    its eerie, but its almost Aikman-like, and he even resembles him with the helmet on


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    Seriously now, have we struck gold or what? I mean here we are the day later all reviewing this 'series' and we can't find anything to nitpik about him. He's got 'it' and I think the only one at this point that can take that away from him is BP by not playing him.

    Lol, times like these I would sleep much better knowing a ex-Giants coach wasn't in control. :D

    Thanks for the vids-much appreciated
  20. Everlastingxxx

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    Hey, don't forget about us Mac users! If its possible to convert it to quicktime that would be great. thanks.

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