Henson Highlights (Video)

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by AceofSpades, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. jdnalls

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    And who said he doesn't have that stong of an arm. He seemed to just launch that pass with a flick of his wrist.
  2. Bababooey

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    This line of thinking is what worries me.

    Too high of expectations are put on the kid after one series. I think expecting Drew to be anything other than a rookie QB who will make his share of mistakes is the wrong thing to do.

    Im as excited as anyone about his showing but I also know that we will have to endure those growing pains, just like with did with Aikman.
  3. AceofSpades

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    I dont have enough webspace for anymore files but heres a link to useWindows Media Player on MACs.
  4. Cbz40

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    Thanks..........Great videos
  5. kojak

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    For those requesting Videos of Henson.
  6. RCowboyFan

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    I missed this post when it was posted I guess, I pointed that out long time ago. I am glad I am not the only one who thinks that.
  7. rags747

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    Looks damm good to me...if he is'nt starting from the first game next year I will be highly pissed. Early to say but he sure looks like he has much more than Manning as far as arm strength!
  8. SuspectCorner

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    with a little patience from the organization and fans, henson will be just fine. he just kinda flicked the ball on the TD and it zipped into his target. i like the fact that he has good touch to go with the strong arm.
  9. hardcorebob

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    Excellent vids, and thanks for taking the time to edit em so we can see the future QB of Dallas. Next year he should shine as our starter..... :D
  10. lspain1

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    OK, I'll bite on this one. What makes Peyton Manning so good? He has the physical tools, yes, but there is much more to success than this. The ability to react quickly under pressure, recognizing what the defense is trying to do with a glance and making good decisions the great majority of the time are all part of a successful qb. It seems to me that Manning has an almost mystical (sorry about the adjective) connection with a great receiving corps in that he knows what they are going to do before they do it.

    This is something that Brett Farve, for all his ability, did not have in his last game. It is something Aikman and Irving had. I do not know if Henson has this ability. We will never know until he plays as leader of the offense with good receivers and at least fair O-line play.

    Simply put, I do not see what the Cowboys gain by leaving him off the field. What will he learn being on the sidelines? How does watching help him get rid of the rust? The people on this board rapidly evaluated Hutch's talent level as insufficient to achieve great success in the NFL. The debates here revolved around was he better than Carter, not that he was a great prospect.

    BP and his staff (and most of you on this board) are better football guys than I am. :D I wish they would enlighten me about the best way to "bring along" a raw prosect with good physical tools. Maybe some of you folks here can explain to me how this gets done. Inquiring minds want to know.
  11. Jimz31

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    Kinda funny....reading about how he is surveying the field when not once did he look away from his receiver that he was going to throw it to. This is the NFL not college. He had that tendency in college and is going to HAVE to get rid of that tendency.

    Outside of that, I liked what I saw. Definately a fast release.....not like the release that VT has.....VT's is so slow that you don't need to defend your man until he starts to wind up to throw the ball.
  12. InmanRoshi

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    Please look at the Joey Harrington thread and note how much college performance translates into being "the one".
  13. Jarv

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    Great Vids...thanks...I'd be interested in seeing the Chicago games vids also, if you have them. I, for one, did not think he was ALL that bad on Thanksgiving. Yes, he made some mistakes, but he made some plays also.

    We'll never know, but I bet we would have won that game anyhow if Henson stayed in.

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