here an article on why not draft DE at 9

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by UnoDallas, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Taking DE Early Is Wasted Pick

    Let’s clarify – taking a defensive end for a 3-4 scheme, with a Top 10 pick – that would be a wasted pick in my opinion. More than anything, it’d be setting a guy up for failure.

    We know what happens with a first-round picks that aren’t regulars in the Pro Bowl, the fans and media around here basically put them on the suburbs of Bust-ville. Guys like Greg Ellis and Marcus Spears – good solid pros that were drafted in the first round but never superstars, most people consider them to be average picks

    So that’s why I don’t see the point in drafting an end like Cameron Jordan or J.J. Watt or even Ryan Kerrigan. They might be solid players who could start right away, but it’s hard to make an immediate impact as a 3-4 end.

    Spears is still a good player. This team has stopped the run well since he got here in 2005 and he was a big reason for that. But a lot of people harp on the fact he’s only had eight sacks in six seasons, failing to realize that it’s rarely going to happen in this scheme.

    Look at Rob Ryan’s defenses in Cleveland. Last year – he had Kenyon Coleman (remember him?) and a guy named Brian Schaefering. Granted, the Browns were just 22nd in total defense and 27th against the run, so there’s always room for improvement.
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    If that pick is Marcell Dareus, who is versatile enough to play all 3 positions on our front it's worth the pick.

    The guy isn't talked about going top 3 overall now because he's a waste of a top 10 pick.

    Richard Seymour was picked before #9 and he's now the highest paid defensive player in the league the next 2 seasons. While he's playing in his 30's.

    Yes at DT in a 4-3 now but for most of his career he was a 3-4 DE.

    Dareus is a Warren Sapp clone. I think it's safe to say that if you can draft the next Warren Sapp it would be fair to take him top 10.

    Warren Sapp started out as a 4-3 DT but finished his career where Seymour is now playing NT in a 3-4.

    We'd be lucky to even see Dareus at #9 at this point.

    The writer is correct though. Jordan, Watt and Kerrigan are not worth a top 10 pick.

    Doesn't mean no 3-4 DE is not worthy of a pick. Darues or Fairley are worth it.

    Both of those players can collapse the pocket constantly. It's not just about sacks, it's about pressures too. Dareus and Fairley are guys that will get that done.

    Wilkerson too. Although he's not going in the first 20 picks.
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    I agree, 3-4 DE are game changers. Trade back and get OL and extra picks. We can get Muhameed Wilkinson, CHristian Ballard, Cameron Hetward, or Jarvis Jenkins, or Cedric Thorton later in the draft. All I think can start in Ryans 3-4.
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    Depends on how much versatility the guy offers. Agree on Darius. Fairley can play multiple positions as can Jordan. Some scouts were talking about Jordan as a 290 pound rush line backer, a guy I would hope RR could move around to exploit weaknesses.
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    A 3-4 DE like Seymour can cause lots of havoc for a offense. The question is - are any of these guys a future seymour?
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    Teams like the Pats put their #1 picks into their line and then pick up linebackers in free agency. Other teams seem to think that the 3-4 works best by drafting rush linebackers at a massive premium and treating the linemen that anchor the 3-4 as a kind of afterthought.

    I'll let others decide which philosophy has been more successful the past few years.

    I for one, really enjoyed the years when watching Mike Myers get routinely pancaked was the highlight of our defense.

    My personal opinion is that our needs are such that they can be fillled without the #1 draft choice. So the #1 this year can be reserved for BPA, no matter what position they play. Even if that position is DE.
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    Dareus is the most safe DL pick which is another reason if I have to go DL i'd like for it to be him.
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    I don't know if you noticed the Patriots the last few years but they have drafted 3 LBs in the first two rounds the last couple of years and 0 DL.

    Now the Patriots need youth and depth at DL and with 4 picks in the 1st 2 rounds they will get atleast one DE and one OLB.
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    Typically, the idea that 34 DE's aren't game changers holds true (see: Spears, Marcus).

    However, I think all bets should be off with Ryan as the defensive coordinator. He uses multiple fronts, including some 43 and 46 looks. He will find a way to get a great DL involved, so a player like Fairley or Dareus should still be able to have an impact for us.

    All that said... I'm still not so sure that the second tier DL like Cam Jordan and JJ Watt will be able to have enough of an impact to warrant a top 10 pick.
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    1. :laugh2: too funny.

    2. I totally agree with you as long as the BPA is not WR or QB. I don't see an OT in this draft worthy of a top 10 and possibly top 15 pick but I do see great talent on the DL and a superior CB talent in Peterson.

    Therefore my short list remains Peterson, Dareus and Fairley. Which one falls to #9 may be none. Anyone I do back flips for. Either of the DL`s could be there if 2 QB's, 2 WR's and at least 1 LB (Von Miller and/or Quinn) get picked in the top 10.
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    Couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, for that same reason I think he go's before Fairley does now.

    Where that was not the case before.

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