Here is how a team is built

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mmillman, Jan 3, 2013.

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    The blue-chippers (5)
    LT Russell Okung: Drafted in first round (No. 6 overall), 2010
    S Earl Thomas: Drafted in first round (No. 14), 2010
    LB Bobby Wagner: Drafted in second round (No. 47), 2012
    QB Russell Wilson: Drafted in third round (No. 75), 2012
    WR Golden Tate: Drafted in second round (No. 60), 2010
    More bang for the buck (4)
    CB Richard Sherman: Drafted in fifth round (No. 154), 2011
    S Kam Chancellor: Drafted in fifth round (No. 133), 2010
    LB K.J. Wright: Drafted in fourth round (No. 99), 2011
    RG J.R. Sweezy: Drafted in seventh round (No. 225), 2012
    Hidden gems (2)
    CB Brandon Browner: Signed in 2011 after playing in Canada
    DE Chris Clemons: Acquired in trade from Eagles, 2010
    The leftover bin (4)
    RB Marshawn Lynch: Acquired in trade from Bills, 2010
    RT Breno Giacomini: Signed off Packers' practice squad, 2010
    FB Michael Robinson: Signed in 2010 after 49ers released him
    LG Paul McQuistan: Signed in 2011
    Shopping list (3)
    WR Sidney Rice: Signed as unrestricted free agent in 2011
    TE Zach Miller: Signed as unrestricted free agent in 2011
    DT Alan Branch: Signed as unrestricted free agent in 2011
    The holdovers (4)
    DE Red Bryant: Drafted by previous regime in 2008
    DT Brandon Mebane: Drafted by previous regime in 2007
    C Max Unger: Drafted by previous regime in 2009
    LB Leroy Hill: Drafted by previous regime in 2005

    Note: Seahawks hit on some good draft picks but also picked up solid players in free agency, from Canada, from other teams practice squad and good trades. Jerry doesn't put in the time or have the skill set to accomplish the above. He is an oilman playing fantasy football.
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    If they win the superbowl Ill agree. Until then they are the 6th seed with no home games. Only time will tell how this group will do. We will see
  3. superpunk

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    It's always been about the draft and smart FA pickups, particularly undrafted free agents. There's not enough money to buy a championship and there never has been. When we won in the 90s it was because we won in the draft.

    FWIW when Parcells left that's alot what our roster looked like. It was littered with homegrown players. It still is, I guess. They're just not very good.
  4. jterrell

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    Are we really talking about the Seahags now as a model?

    Good grief.

    They are benefiting from a system that defenses can't yet handle.
    The overall talent on that team stems from being below .500 and thus drafting high 4 consecutive seasons leading into this year.

    Soo all we have to do is give Jerry four years of under .500 to build this team....
  5. mmillman

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    please, that team was crap a couple of years ago. Look at the dates of acquisition. All fairly recently. Bottom line Dallas is out Seattle is in because of quality coaching and a good GM. Dallas has neither and it is depressing.
  6. morasp

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    Good post. It sure hasn't taken them very long. One of their blue chippers is a safety I can't help but wonder what a blue chip safety could do for us. Didn't they make the playoffs the first year Pete took over as head coach?
  7. Yakuza Rich

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    I don't think Okung has played well there, IIRC. Could be wrong.

    Also, this is their first winning season since 2007. And that's been in the awful NFC West.

    That being said, what struck me about them is how they focused on rebuilding the secondary with physical players who could cover and tackle. They have a lot of depth in the secondary as well. They make it hard for offenses because it's difficult to pass against them and because everybody can tackle in the secondary, they are less apt to give up big plays.

  8. DCfaninDC

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    I am not defending Jerry but I believe you would have had a similar roster for the Eagles had they been any better. You are merely stating a fact, drafting and FA done the right way can build a tam good.
  9. mmillman

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    They have one high draft pick, Okung, in that list. What are you talking about? They are a great example of how to acquire talent and a great example of what Dallas is not doing.

    "Those who don't learn from the past are destined to repeat it"

    "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result"
  10. Hostile

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    Wow. If Golden Tate is a blue chipper, then Dez is something way beyond.
  11. jterrell

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    BP's misses in the draft are what is killing our current lineup.
    Sturm did a break down of how we draft the same positions every few years because we failed to draft well.

    Carpenter and Fasano were BP's last two r1 and r2 choices. He also selected Al Johnson, Jacob Rogers in the 2nd rounds.

    He had a lot of killer misses and added to the woes with some over the hill gang FA signings.

    BP helped us in many ways but his talent acquisition was fair to middling.
  12. ajk23az

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    Seahawks have a bright future with that defense. Sherman and Browner is arguably the top CB duo in football, Chancellor is one helluva safety, as is Early Thomas, their LB core is young and aggressive and their dline with Clemons and Branch is big and can pass rush.
  13. morasp

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    I actually think that Garrett has done better adding talented players than Parcells did. So far our drafts have been pretty solid. Offensive line is still a work in progress but the offseason was more about defense than offense.
  14. superpunk

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    We were able to knock it out of the park though in rounds like the 4th and 7th where we would find players like Canty, Barber, Ratliff, Crayton, etc.

    The trouble is that since then we haven't been able to supplement that starting with our ST draft in the Wade era. We are skilled at picking blue chippers but when it comes to filling out our roster with solid players who give us 3-4 affordable years after the draft, or Colombo's and Kosiers who come in on the cheap and give us solid play for a long time, we fail.
  15. mmillman

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    Seattle is going into Washington in a do or die game, sound familiar?

    I don't think Washington will be able to run on them like they did on Dallas. Washington's WR's are overmatched across the board.

    My point is look at the mid round talent and moves in free agency and look how quickly that team was turned into a playoff team. Quality coaching and a quality GM will do that.

    Okung has been hurt most of the time in the league. He is healthy and playing well now, but he is the only top 10 draft pick that is a key contributor on that team.

    It was reported, I don't know how accurately, that Dallas was going to draft Unger a couple of years ago. Seattle jumped up in front of them and drafted him. He is playing at a pro bowl level now. He would have been a great fit in Dallas, sigh.
  16. Clove

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    Why do we post things like this before someone actually does something like win a Super Bowl?

    You win a Super Bowl by having a Good Coach, a clutch QB, and an identity. Who were we? Were we an offensive team? Couldn't tell. Defensive? Couldn't tell.

    Ball control? No clue. A great coach will cut out all the small BS penalties and have their team executing on all cylinders. A clutch QB will come through no matter what, and will not be bothered by the pressure of those December/January games.

    Through-out the game Sunday, we made mistake after mistake. That's not what a great team does. Doesn't matter if you can run with the big dogs if you are not a smooth engine executing flawlessly.
  17. jterrell

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    Those 4 losing seasons mean picking high EACH round not just in r1.

    They chose 4th in 2009. 6th in 2010. (and again at 14 btw).

    Dallas picked 6th last year but it cost them Bobby Wagner whom they would have selected had they kept the 2nd round pick.

    Seattle has had 1 double digit win season and 1 playoff appearance. They are playing very well and getting a ton out of a 3rd round rookie QB. If that rookie QB no longer delivers they are back at .500 with us.

    Their list isn't much difference from the one Dallas has. Where there would be a difference is if you list our IL compared to theirs.

    Again, it is goofy to use a team with 1 playoff appearance and 1 winning season in half a decade as a model for team building. Most organizations can field a winner after 4 years of losing.
  18. mmillman

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    Golden Tate was drafted early is what I was saying. He isn't elite but he contributed in a run heavy offense. 688 yards and 7 touchdowns. Every team needs guys like him. Amendola could have been that here but the geniuses in Dallas let him go. Harris shows some good potential, but the geniuses in Dallas thought it was Ogletree early on instead.
  19. Double Trouble

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    4 would be a lot better than another 17.
  20. DCfaninDC

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    Would you agree Pittsburgh is a Defense oriented team? where are they now?

    Identity?!?! You are just repeating something you heard on ESPN.

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