Here is how a team is built

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mmillman, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Yea and guys like Stephen Bowen and Chris Canty are starting for teams in this league too. Guys who should still be here but like you stated welcome to the salary cap era.

    In regards to the OP, the Cowboys are built very similar. Hell most teams are. Our 2011 draft class consisted of Tyron Smith, Bruce Carter, Demarco Murray, Dwayne Harris and Dan Bailey.

    I have no problem with the talent on this team. Well the starters anyway. Its always been depth and that's been dwindling as the years have gone by whether its guys leaving via free agency or guys simply declining.

    That 2009 draft really hurt us in that department. Those guys should be just entering the prime of their career. It doesn't help that 2009 was simply a bad draft class as it is but we have absolutely nothing to show for it.
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    The Seahags are paying 1m for a starting QB. So it's rather not apples and apples we are discussing.

    As I've noted 100 times they were coming off of 4 losing seasons. They didn't feel the need to keep or overpay ANYONE.

    Dallas has went to week 17 the last two years. It is VERY hard to view that as far from payoff contention. Certainly not as freeing as if we had won 5 games this year and simply hired a new coach and started over potentially with a new QB. You don't take those gambles as playoff contenders as Jerry noted yesterday.
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    Check, leaf blower makes work faster. Good info.

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    Last I checked Vikings had 6th seed

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    I don't dispute that they are in a different situation then we are. Of course this is true but it has nothing to do with the job Carroll has done there. We have over paid many, many players in the last several years and the large majority of them were not QBs. Because of this and because of the fact that we have made, in many case, what I consider to be poor trades, we have created a lot of that inability to manage cap ourselves. Will Seattle do the same? I don't know but what difference does that make? In three short years, Seattle has managed to build a good team. It can be done and the point I am trying to stress is that a large part of that rebuild happened outside of the draft. That's where I think we have done a rather poor job of executing.

    We have talked many times and I feel certain that you agree with me on this JT. We have discussed this many, many times.
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    He has. Parcells had an antiquated approach that might have worked in the 80s, but not when he was there.
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    Cowboys have been 8-8, 8-8, 6-10, and 11-5 the last 4 years. The following quote on wikipedia says it all about how good Dallas drafts:

    The 2009 NFL draft was one of the worst in the history of the Dallas Cowboys, with a lot of experts comparing it unfavorably to the 1995 "backup draft". This draft is infamously known as the "special teams draft", but it was so terrible, that as the years have passed it has garnered different nicknames. Entering the season the team considered their special teams a glaring weakness, so they hired a new coach (Joe DeCamillis) and focused on drafting players who could contribute immediately on this unit. The Cowboys started the day without a first round draft choice (part of the price to acquire Roy Williams) and then traded out of the second round to obtain more picks, reaching a total of 12, which was the most selections since their 1992 NFL draft. The eventual result was that the team couldn't find a starter in the group and most of the players drafted were waived by the 2010 season.

    Say what you want, but Jerry has stunk the place up the last four years.
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    i admire what they've done in seattle. hopefully i don't get my fan card pulled for saying that but i want a tough, physical, brash, borderline cocky team like they have.
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    John Schneider is the GM there in Seattle. He learned the trade working for Ron Wolf -- same as Ted Thompson who Schneider also worked for.

    IMHO, I've love it of Jerry brought in Ron Wolf as an advisor for a year or so.
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    are there any other ron wolf disciples we can pick off the tree?
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    John Dorsey, Thompson's director of pro personnel is likely going be announced at the Chief's next GM.

    Last season, Reggie McKenzie left Thompson's staff to become the GM of the Raiders.

    The one that a whole bunch of teams have a strong interest in is Elliot Wolf, Ron Wolf's son who is the ultimate NFL wonderkid GM in waiting. Read his BIO when you get a chance -- he has been writing scouting reports for NFL teams since age 14.

    All of these guys -- Thompson, Dorsey, McKenzie, are direct Ron Wolf disciples as well as obviously Ron Jr. (Elliot).

    Packers have been trying to shield Elliot Wolf from the league -- the thought is that Ted Thompson is retiring in 2-3 years and Wolf has possibly been promised 1st crack at replacing him.

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    Then you are completely missing the point. Seattle has put a good team together through a combination of free agency, good middle round drafting, Canada, trades. Dallas has done poorly in all of those areas and with poor cap management. New England is a poor comparison exactly because they have been good for a long time. They are a model of how to manage a good team by maneuvering in the draft and managing the cap well.

    Seattle won today and they were in Superbowl 6 years ago against Pittsburgh. Not saying anybody should switch teams, but just illustrating the way a team got better in a hurry and without big contributions from high #1 picks.
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    We had some terrible drafts that now we are suffering, luckily Jerry could fix it a bit with the last 3 drafts that were good.
    Need to have some solid drafts to fix our holes and we can contend, next two drafts will be very important.
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    I also believe they have the richest owner in the NFL backing them as well.
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    Time will tell on how well we have drafted recently. Carter, Lee, and Murray have missed significant time since coming to the team.
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    wow thanks for this info. i'll read up on elliot...i would not picking off the packers tree or the patriots tree for advisors. this franchise needs more direction.

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    What Pete Carroll is doing in Seattle is one of the best rebuilding jobs I've ever seen. That team was garbage when he got there.

    He was always a good coach, but in Seattle he's got to do what Jimmy did here, which is using his knowledge of college players coming out of the draft to stock his team.

    I'm really, really impressed with what they have done.
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    What stinks is taking one bad draft and using to make a broad generalization about how the quality of players the Cowboys have brought in. The last 3 off seasons have produced Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, Sean Lissemore, Morris Claiborne, Tyrone Crawford, Dwayne Harris, Tyron Smith, James Hanna, Demarco Murray, Bruce Carter, Barry Church, Cole Beasley, Brandon Carr, Alex Albright, Dan Bailey, Kyle Orton, etc.

    Have we hit on every move? No. But guess what? Nobody else has either.

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    A lot of those guys are just names with no real tangible results yet. I'm not convinced that group can get a team to the playoffs, much less make a dent when they actually get there.
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    the team was 8-8 and how many pro bowls has that group made homer?

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