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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jday, Nov 28, 2012.

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    On this site, there are Dallas Cowboys from all walks of life and age groups, but in terms of mindset, I see, for the most part, three different types of fans.

    There is the optimist who says never say die, at least, not until the Cowboys are mathmatically eliminated.

    There is the pessimist, who actually expects the Cowboys to not only fail, but fail on an epic level.

    And then there is the realist, who can easily be confused with either pessimist or optimist dependent on rather or not the Cowboys won or lost their last game.

    Here's what I'm curious about. Is there other characteristics, outside of a fans outlook, that these same people share; for instance, age, race or income.

    This question is for a moderator: Is there a poll that you could put together that has members of this site decide what category they fall into and then also contribute their age (or, at least, how long they have followed the Cowboys), race, and income range. I would really be curious to see if there are any trends we could see that these different types of fans share.
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    There are websites that host polls, I'm sure you can do it yourself
  3. jday

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    How exactly would another website poll members of this website? I'm not curious about Dallas Cowboys fans in general; just fans on this site.
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    yeah you didn't know? all of those aliens riding around on those UFOS watch cowboys game as well ;)
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    I'm an old white dude with two eyes and a brain that leans optimist, but gets pulled back to reality too often by this band of n'er-do-wells.

    As for rich, I don't think so, but if you told me I'd be making this much when I was 25, I'd have crapped my knickers.
  7. Vtwin

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    Don't forget the "wears knickers" category.
  8. Reality

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    The answer is absolutely not.

    The idea of asking fans their race and income level in no way has any bearing on being a good or bad Cowboys fan and the only reason I can see asking that would be for some sort of marketing or advertising purposes.

    We already have a situation where some fans are incapable of arguing their opinions based on factual information so they resort to attacking users based on age and sex already. In no way will this site support adding race or income bracket as yet another way to profile, classify and stereotype fans.


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