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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Bob Sacamano, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano Benched

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    It looks stupid.
  2. Faerluna

    Faerluna I'm Complicated

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    I thought it looked good. I'd definitely watch it.
  3. Christiann

    Christiann Active Member

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    Clint Eastwood > John Wayne
  4. theogt

    theogt Surrealist Zone Supporter

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    Looks stupid, but I'll give Eastwood the benefit of the doubt, given his track record.
  5. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano Benched

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    I'll give you a pass, seeing as you have feminine sensibilities. :p::D
  6. ajk23az

    ajk23az Through Pain Comes Clarity

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    Have you seen the extended preview that they showed during the Yankees/Rangers game last night?

    It looks better in that than it does in the previews during a commercial break.

    That being said, I probably won't see it in theatres.
  7. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano Benched

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    I saw it, and it makes the movie seem to be more drawn out.
  8. Maikeru-sama

    Maikeru-sama Mick Green 58

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    Clint Eastwood has been one of the top director for quite some time now.

    It has great reviews on imdb.
  9. ChldsPlay

    ChldsPlay Well-Known Member

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    It is VERY drawn out. A very slow movie with very little to almost no payoff. There was actually a large portion of the audience I saw it with laughing at the very weak ending.

    This isn't nearly as good as previous Eastwood films, and is pretty poor storytelling in my opinion. Clint makes it pretty clear what the characters are dealing with, and what they're feeling, but it is just slowly drilled into your head over and over. It's like Clint didn't think we'd get it if he didn't show it over and over very slowly and meticulously. On top of that, none of the characters are all that interesting, and their stories aren't very engaging beyond a few moments spread throughout the film. And the way things come together at the end is just cliche and isn't given 1/10th as much consideration as what leads up to it.
  10. Rynie

    Rynie Benched

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    I want to see it. I'm a big fan of Clint Eastwood movies (as a director). Gran Torino is in my TOP 5. Mystic River was pretty good.
  11. CliffnMesquite

    CliffnMesquite Well-Known Member

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    I'll wait for the DVD.
  12. Faerluna

    Faerluna I'm Complicated

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    Oh, I'd definitely wait for the dvd. There are very few movies I'd actually see in the theater anymore. Mostly because we'd have to get a babysitter and that's a pain.
  13. Sam I Am

    Sam I Am Unfriendly and Aloof!

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    My wife wants to see it. I'm not to enthusiastic about it. Of course, Eastwood generally does a pretty good job. I would prefer to just wait till it comes out on HBO or something, but my wife wants to see it this weekend.
  14. Teren_Kanan

    Teren_Kanan Well-Known Member

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    Sad to hear that, I'm a fan of Eastwoods movies. Grand Torino was great. Million Dollar Baby was a fantastic movie, even though I hated it.

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