Here's a Brett Favre Factoid For You

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Hostile, Jan 26, 2010.

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    Atlanta Falcons...1991 Week 10

    Loss to the Redskins

    I searched for a play breakdown like below but could not find it. I believe Favre's last pass as an Atlanta Falcon was a 15 yard INT return for a touchdown by Andre Collins.

    Green Bay Packers...2007 NFC Championship.

    OT Loss to the Giants.

    2nd and 8 at GB 28(14:13) B.Favre pass short right intended for D.Driver INTERCEPTED by C.Webster at GB 43. C.Webster to GB 34 for 9 yards (D.Driver).

    New York Jets...2008 Season Finale

    Loss to the Dolphins

    1st and 10 at MIA 29(No Huddle) B.Favre pass short left intended for C.Stuckey INTERCEPTED by A.Goodman at MIA 25. A.Goodman to MIA 28 for 3 yards (L.Coles).

    Minnesota Vikings...2009 NFC Championship

    OT Loss to the Saints

    3rd and 15 at NO 38B.Favre pass deep middle intended for S.Rice INTERCEPTED by T.Porter at NO 22. T.Porter to NO 48 for 26 yards (J.Sullivan).

    Brett Favre's last true pass for each of the 4 teams he played for was an Interception in a loss. He attempted 1 more throw in the Jets loss to Miami but there was a penalty for illegal forward pass that nullifed it. I do not believe he attempted another pass against the Redskins but I am not 100% sure because I cannot find the play by play. If it was his last pass attempt that is a strange factoid.
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    it is interesting but not that suprising considering he is the all time leader in interceptions.
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    Who's Brett Favre?
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    You're more than likely right. His career as an Atlanta Falcon was 0/4 with 2 picks with his only pass attempts being in that game against Washington.
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    LOL! I pointed this factoid out like a week ago to my old college roommate who is an avid Viking fan! I was telling him all season that the Vikings weren't winning the Super Bowl and that regardless of how well Favre played this season, he would screw them at a critical time in the playoffs.

    He claimed that I was "hating" on Favre because I was a Cowboy fan. I reminded him of the inherent irony and hypocrisy of him becoming a staunch Brett Favre supporter after HATING HIS GUTS for his entire career.

    After the Vike-Queens lost he called me and was complaining about Favre and Peterson screwing them...I simply told him, "I TOLD YOU SO" LOL
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    if romo had done this, it would be all over BSPN
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    Would it? :rolleyes:

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