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Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by MetalHead, Apr 24, 2009.

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    Michelle Obama dies and goes to heaven.
    Upon arriving there,she is greeted by Saint Peter who offers her a tour of the facilities in the afterlife.
    As they walk around heaven,Michelle notices hundreds and hundreds of clocks.
    She asks St. Peter what are the clocks for and he responds,"every clock represents a human,and everytime that human lies,the hands of the clock move by one second"
    There are two clocks that get her attention,Mother Theresa's and Abraham Lincoln's.
    Mother Theresa's clock never moved,because she never lied.
    Lincoln's only moved twice as he only lied twice.
    Out of curiosity,Michelle asks,"So,where is Barack's clock?"
    And St.Peter replies,"Oh that one,that one is in Jesus' room,he is using it as a ceiling fan".
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    we need a thread of just political jokes, cartoons etc. Group them all together and let the thread keep building. I can always use a little humor in these challenging days. :)
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    We got one somewhere here.

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