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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by bennihanna666, Jan 25, 2005.

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    I say we take the best player at our top three position needs w/ #11 and then we trade # 20 to the Packers for their 2 2nd rounders and maybe another pick. I also think that the key to this year's season lies on the free-agency period. if we can get smoot aor Lucas and get a some other key player then we should be fine. one other thing, let's get rid of Vinny and try to get Hasselback.
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    We should only do that if the player at #11 is worth the risk, because by trading that #11 pick first to #21, then to #32, Dallas can pick up 2 additional second rounders.

    We can't just pick "a player" at #11 that fills one of three needs, we have to pick "THE" player that will change our team dramatically, almost a surefire player. Who do you think is worthy of our #11 pick?

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