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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gosuns, Sep 20, 2005.

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    First off... I am more pissed off about last night's loss than anyone can imagine... BUT...

    We know now our defense is for real. This group is good. For 4 quaters they really only messed up twice... It just happens that those 2 mess ups were touchdowns that led to the defeat. There was no excuse for those TD's the first one props to the skins for identifying a weakness. The 2nd shame on BP and Zim for not correcting that weakness by adjusting the coverage scheme. Better coaching and we're 2-0

    Other than 2 absolute BS penalties on Flo our offense played basically misake free football. No real penalties, no sacks allowed, no major missed blocking assignments. Their only flaw... They just couldn't get it into the end zone. 2 things caused this... Not having a FB hurt the running game no if ands or buts. The second thing was poor play calling. Calling things that were not long distance enough plays to pick up the first down. For the most part the players did their job. Bad coaching was to blame for both of those things. BP and SP I blame both of you for the lack of points scored...b/c it looked to me like the players did everything right but could only work with what you gave them. A FB and better play calling and we are 2-0.

    Special teams: Kickoff coverage - good, Kickoffs - good, punting - good, punt coverage - good, kickoff and punt returns - good. FEILD GOALS - TERRIBLE... Our kicker blows and we will lose 3-5 more games this year just because of this A-hole... This goes back to coaching as well...and Management... You dip-****'s go find a kicker... go scour all these soccer loving countries or bring morten anderson back from the nursing home....just do something. Better kicking and guess what???? 2-0.

    So in summary this loss is about 90% BP and SP's fault...and 10% Williams and Glenn's fault. So I really hope BP didn't do a whole bunch of screaming and yelling last night in the lockeroom unless it was in front of a mirror.

    FYI - Anyone notice the very good coverage by Willie Pile when he was in the game last night... He did a very good job.
  2. TheHustler

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    Don't forget the offensive play calling in the 4th. Awful.
  3. Reality

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    Yes, it was .. offensive :)
  4. fortdick

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    I am pretty sure that they tried to find the best kicker available. Maybe they can scour the Brazilian rain forest and come up with another Pele that wants to convert to American Football, but such an expedition takes tie to put together. It was Cundiff's injury that prompted Cortez to be our kicker late in camp. By that time, anyone that was any good already had a job. Pro Bowl quality kickers don't grow on trees and I don't see how it is Bill's fault Cundiff got hurt.

    I believe that we were beat by a great defense. The only TD we could manage came of the flea flicker. A trick play that worked. Other than that, we could not score. Give the Redskin D the credit for the win. They are that good.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I am not sold on our defense just yet. I still believe that we are too young on that side of the ball. I think we will eventually get to be pretty good but right now, I think we gotta take our medicine. This will not be the last game we fall down defensively on.
  6. Tass

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    The younguns did fine. It was 2 vets that blew it on those touchdown plays.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Really? I don't agree.
  8. CantonBound08

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    What young player did you see that blew the play on the two td's? Just curious, the only two players I saw back there were Roy Williams and Aaron Glenn, both vets.

    I have no idea why we weren't trying to blitz Brunnell on this down anyway. If he has a lb in his face it makes it hard to throw deep td passes.
  9. Doomsday101

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    Play calling was fine execution was poor. Dallas could have ran the ball 3 times and punted like we did in the past but we didn't. Holding penalty by Flo killed one drive that would have ended the game and Glenn runs his rout short of the 1st on 4th down. Sorry but I think losing is clouding a lot of minds around here.

    THEHEREAFTER Well-Known Member

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    Hindsight is 20/20 but I can't really argue with the conservative play calling. We were shutting the Redskins down!

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    The statement was that our defense is for real. Not what or who caused the two TDs.

    My response is that I do not believe we are for real yet. I think we're still too young on that side of the ball. I believe our defense is still a good year away.

    If you wish to discuss the two TDs, that's fine. There are only about 5 seperate threads going on with that discussion right now. If you want to discuss our defense and where it's at in it's NFL evolution, I would be happy to do that.

    My opinion is that we're still to young. Your turn now.
  12. arglebargle

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    Guess maybe we'll have a fullback active next week. And Price didn't add that much.

    I certainly think as the season continues the defense will mature and get better. Though as far as I could tell, it was not rookie mistakes that lead to the two four quarter scores. It might have been lack of pressure on Brunnell. Not sure of the scheme used against him the last 5 minutes. If it was the 4-2-5, it makes you wonder....
  13. JohnsKey19

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    He didn't???
    He was probably our best player on STs last night other than McBriar.
  14. Dye

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    we have bledsoe, julius jones, jason whitten, keyshawn, terry glenn, peerless price and patrick crayton. our o/l is pretty solid - why on god's green earth are we playing so conservative?

    bledsoe has all the toys he needs to be a field general but he's being relagated to a bus driver. maybe bledsoe really does suck if parcells has him on a short leash.

    geez-us...somebody shoot me!
  15. CantonBound08

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    I think we are on the same page now. My apologies. You may very well be right. However, our rookies looked pretty good last night although they weren't exactly playing an offensive juggernaut. We'll have a better read on where they are at when we play the Raiders. The Raiders should have plenty of fire power to test our D. Here's hoping they look great!
  16. PullMyFinger

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    our defense was great for 56 minutes, the last 4 minutes they sucked

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I agree with you. They kinda remind me of the old San Diego Chargers. Always hated playing them. Always came down to who had the ball last. No way to run a railroad.
  18. Dye

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    i've also learned another doesn't matter who is at the helm at the qb position and on the offense - we'll still be playing not to lose because that is what our coach firmly believes is the key to winning.

    even if our offense had troy, emmitt and michael, we'd still be doing the same doo-doo on offense that we're doing now - playing not to lose!

    i obviously don't share those ideas but then again, i'm just a stupid fan with my own personal views.

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