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Video: Here's to a fully healthy Romo next year

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Heisenberg, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

    65,784 Messages
    20,068 Likes Received
    One big takeaway from the video - we HAVE to get the deep ball back into the game plan.
  2. 5Stars

    5Stars Here comes the Sun...

    28,547 Messages
    3,299 Likes Received
    Dude, you half to go to the library and read a book about football. I half read you dog Romo over and over, but you half never thought about the screw up of other players. If I half to send you a book about football, then you half to let me know.

    I could say more, but I half said what I needed to say, so half it you way and dog him more and more. I half made up my mind, you know nothing about football and half tried your best to half a conversation, but half failed!
  3. GimmeTheBall!

    GimmeTheBall! Junior College Transfer

    17,909 Messages
    3,034 Likes Received
    you might be on to something. Pretty remarkable. And soon enough I might start liking 8-8 seasons. Pretty remarkable run by Romo so far. Hail, give me 7-9 next season and I might call that remarkable too. It's called lowering our expectorations. Romo has surely elevated his stats while lowering my expectorations.
  4. GimmeTheBall!

    GimmeTheBall! Junior College Transfer

    17,909 Messages
    3,034 Likes Received
    Well, as lonk as I tried no one can fault me, yes?
    I once tried to read a book but the security guard found it on my person and told me only the libary has free books.
  5. Ring Leader

    Ring Leader Well-Known Member

    1,032 Messages
    428 Likes Received
    Can't fault anyone wif haf a brain.
  6. Aven8

    Aven8 Well-Known Member

    9,411 Messages
    6,875 Likes Received

    What's funny is his arm looked fine during the Denver game. The coaches just went conservative all year.

    I love the kid. He's masked so many insufiencies with this team and its coaches for so long it's not even funny. I pray he gets to play in a SB.
    Nav22 and Coy like this.
  7. Ultra Warrior

    Ultra Warrior 6 Million Light-years beyond believability.

    2,323 Messages
    1,214 Likes Received
    You remove him & you are going to 5-11 or worse, so yes, it is Great.
  8. Coy

    Coy Well-Known Member

    2,629 Messages
    1,160 Likes Received
    Kind of like Brees without Sean Payton right? Or his last ranked Defense, who needs good coaching or a good team when you are a great QB.
    And by no means am I saying that Romo is Brees without Payton but common, you're making it sound as it's all Romo's fault, give him Payton as a HC for the past 7 years and he would probably have multiple playoff wins and maybe even a SB.
    I guess it's the luck of the draw, Tony was dealt a very bad hand with Wade and Garrett and Brees got dealt a great hand with Payton.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2014
    Aven8 likes this.
  9. CyberB0b

    CyberB0b Village Idiot

    6,964 Messages
    4,564 Likes Received
    Romo's release has slowed down a lot. TO was a beast.
  10. Redball Express

    Redball Express All Aboard!!!

    5,143 Messages
    1,647 Likes Received
    You know..

    I get mad at Romo, too.

    But really..

    ..as I now clearly see..our team has been oversold too much to us as fans..

    Romo clearly has not had the team around him to succeed like we'd have liked.

    Plus, he's now gone thru 3 HC changes during his tenure.

    Its by no means been the best of times for Tony.

    I'm giving him a pass on things until we see how he heals.

    Then again..drafting a QB to let him start the process would be wise.
  11. ufcrules1

    ufcrules1 Well-Known Member

    9,149 Messages
    3,071 Likes Received
    So what you are saying is we could have been 5-11 and gotten a top 10 draft pick instead of a 17th pick? Also, are you sure Orton couldn't have put up the same 8-8 record that Romo led this team to? I think Orton could also beat up on below .500 teams like Romo did.
  12. ufcrules1

    ufcrules1 Well-Known Member

    9,149 Messages
    3,071 Likes Received
    This is all you needed to post man.
    noshame likes this.
  13. noshame

    noshame I'm not dead yet...... Zone Supporter

    5,221 Messages
    2,362 Likes Received
    Yes, and Orton did it with no chance of developing timing or reps in general.
    ufcrules1 likes this.
  14. Ultra Warrior

    Ultra Warrior 6 Million Light-years beyond believability.

    2,323 Messages
    1,214 Likes Received
    First: Getting a top 10 draft pick doesn't mean all of the sudden a team gets better. Dudes are drafted all the time & turn out to be a bust, so let's not go there. Also, given we like to trade picks all the time ( usually BACK ), theres no guarantee we'd even Keep that pick.
    Second: I like Orton. Think he's a decent QB but he's not at Romos level, nor would be able to carry this team the way Tony does. He'd have to have a lot more going right for him, to get this team to 8-8.
    Third: Not impossible but considering Orton would still have that pretty bad Defense ( the last 2 seasons ) to have to cover up for, I'm not so sure about that. He sure as hell wouldn't have been able to keep this team in a close game with the Broncos this season, like Romo did.
  15. AmberBeer

    AmberBeer Well-Known Member

    5,309 Messages
    2,588 Likes Received
    Right. And those plays he made on defense were just amazing.
  16. GimmeTheBall!

    GimmeTheBall! Junior College Transfer

    17,909 Messages
    3,034 Likes Received

    You half clarity and are sooo correct
    And Jason Garrett cannot run the balll nor tackle but he still get a lot of flak, huh?
    And even if we half a sterling defense, i do not think that a 16th rated overall offense and 24th-rated rushing offense would half done mush good this past season.
  17. ufcrules1

    ufcrules1 Well-Known Member

    9,149 Messages
    3,071 Likes Received
    Yeah, you're right, it turned out horrible for SF....duh. If I have the choice of picking in the top 10 vs close to 20, I'm going to take top 10, I like my chances there a lot better. So 8-8 is a worst case scenario in my opinion. You lose the division, you don't make the playoffs, and you don't get a top 10 draft pick. What is so great about that? Dumb fans say... "Well, at least we were in it until the last game of the season...durr" 2 years ago the Giants knocked us out, then Washington, and now the Eagles. How embarrassing is that?

    While I agree Orton is not quite as good as Romo, I do strongly think he could get this team to the same 8-8 record Romo did. Romo beat BELOW .500 teams this year. If you go back to 2010 Kitna led the team to a better record than Romo did and averaged more points per game. I was extremely impressed with Orton's play against the Eagles. Dude hasn't started since 2011 and almost leads us to victory? He looked very good out there. That level of play would have certainly led us to at least an 8-8 season IMO. So leading your team to 8-8 is not at all impressive or worth the 108m contract we give Romo. Because of that big fat contract, our team is now broke.

    This one is just silly. So Orton wouldn't be able to get us the same "moral loss" that Romo got us? What kind of sense does that make?
  18. Ultra Warrior

    Ultra Warrior 6 Million Light-years beyond believability.

    2,323 Messages
    1,214 Likes Received
    Think I'm just not going to bother to get into debates with people who are incapable of anything other than dumping on Romo no matter what. It's a waste of my time & energy. Funny how the thread started out by showing what a healthy Romo can do, to lets pile on Romo again. Typical & by the usual suspects. If Romo ever does manage to take this dysfunctional team to a Super Bowl championship, please feel free to find the nearest bridge & leap off it & take the rest of your ilk with you. Thanks.
  19. Kristen82

    Kristen82 Benched

    965 Messages
    221 Likes Received
    It'd be nice if we actually had a burner at WR.

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