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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Randy White, Feb 25, 2009.

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    No way this guys should be picked before the 5th round:

    Those 21 reps tells me that he's mostly fat, probably still baby fat, and little muscles. No wonder he gets manhandled on just about every film I've seen.


    Also, check out what happened to Andre Smith and the interviews..
  2. suspenceman

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    I went to a rival school of his, had a few friends that knew him. His nickname was Big Herm in HS. I wanna say that he was 6'8'' 380lbs out of HS.

    I believe he's the biggest baby to ever have been born in the state of Louisiana.

    He went to Denton High School...the only bright spot on their team that year haha.
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    These teams are interested in Herman Johnson:


    Some teams are interested in him playing RT, but most want to leave him at guard.

    LOL at him being a 5th rounder. He's being listed in the 2nd-3rd round range, and he will be drafted in round 2.


    Does he get dominated here? It isn't film, but he's highlighted. Herman Johnson has things to improve, but most players do. He has big upside. He's built for a power running game, and he moves and carries his weight well. Long armed guys don't do as well in the bench press. I don't want the bench press champion. I want a football player. On this clip, he's pulling outside on sweeps, getting to the second level and clearing guys out, and pushing guys around and pancaking them. Now, you have some balance to your Herman Johnson highlight reels.


    I predict one of these teams takes him in round 2.

    From the reports I've read, Herman Johnson is better in pass protection than Duke Robinson. Johnson's really long arms, the longest at the combine, help him in this area. Johnson picks up stunts and twists really well, too.

    First Team AP All-American
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    Those highlights didn't do much for me. He looked susceptable to the spin move and since he's so tall had difficulty getting good leverage on shorter players. He didn't look bad, but he showed some deficencies in the highlights.
  5. Randy White

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    He will NOT get drafted in the 2nd round. He'll be lucky if he gets drafted in the 4th.

    Come on now. That's a highlight film. Anybody can put together a collection of anybody making good plays.

    Very simple: The more they look into him, the more they find that the guy is soft, he's weak, he's not athletic, and does not have sound technique. Those are his negatives. His positives are that he's big, has shown the ability to play both guards and tackle possitions, and, physically, has alot of potential.

    He's a project and since the draft was cut down to 7 rounds, they don't draft projects earlier than the 4th round.
  6. 28 Joker

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    Anybody can put together clips of him messing up, too.

    He can be plugged in right off the bat or could compete for a job according to an NFL scout and Bunting.

    Micheal Johnson, the DE from Georgia Tech, is the Tin Man according to Mike Mayock. According to Mayock, your guy has no heart.

  7. RS12

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    what is the fascination with this guy? Phil Pozderic was huge and he couldnt play either.:cool:

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