Hernandez v Brent

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by zack, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. zack

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    So I've been going back and forth with a Patriots fan today over the Hernandez situation. Pats fan says you gotta tip your hat to the organization for cutting Hernandez. I think it's a no win situation and the fact that the Pats drafted a guy with character issues they, ended up losing the gamble.

    So someone remind me why Josh Brent is still on this team?
  2. cbow44

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    because he didnt take a gun and shoot someone.
  3. dillinger319

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    I'm shocked he hasn't been released, I realize the Mom stood up for Brent but he should've been cut..
  4. Future

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    While you could argue all day about the nature of the crime, I think the biggest difference is that the Cowboys are letting the legal system do its job before making a decision.
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  5. CashMan

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    Right......He just was drunk driving a car....I guess that is not a conscious decision.
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  6. Nation

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    Jerry Brown's mother has requested the Cowboys do everything in their power to help Brent and not abandon him as he was her son's best friend.
  7. tantrix1969

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    Driving drunk and killing your best friend in an accident is a bad choice and Brent deserves punishment, but comparing it to an execution style murder is ridiculous
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  8. Reality

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    I think the difference is intent and lack of cooperation with authorities. With Brent, it was his long-time best friend and even the victim's mother showed support for Brent. I'm sure the Patriots also know more details than we do such as what the impending charges were going to be and that Hernandez was not cooperating with authorities. There may also be past issues that the team knows about, but the public does not. I think the decision to let him go was made weeks ago and they were waiting for him to be publicly charged so they could gain the PR of "doing the right thing". You know that's true when the official announcement boasts "it was the right thing to do."

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  9. CashMan

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    You have no idea, who pulled the trigger, we know who killed Jerry, and he made a conscious choice to drink and drive. Josh Brent should never play in the NFL again.

    I do not like Aaron Hernandez, and I hope he does go to jail for a long time, but until he is convicted, you can not say he killed someone. If he is charged like Ray Lewis was, I don't think he should be allowed to play in the NFL.
  10. CashMan

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    Right, but it is not in his best interest to give police information that can/will incriminate him. I am not saying I agree with it, but it is his right.
  11. Blackspider214

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    This. DWI is a lot different than murder. One is malicious intent and the other is a horrible tragedy caused by alcohol.
  12. CashMan

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    The alcohol magically entered Brent's system unknowingly, and made him drive and turned his cell phone off so he could not call a cab or a team official to get someone to take them home.
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  13. TheRomoSexual

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    Wow, you sound like you'd be a lot of fun at parties.
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  14. Chocolate Lab

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    Wait, are you talking about Hernandez here?
  15. CIWhitefish

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    I don't believe anyone is saying Brent is not at fault. The fact is they are two different violations (drunk driving and murder) and are treated as such by our legal system.
  16. Reality

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    Oh I agree completely about self-incrimination. I think the problem was that originally it was perceived he was protecting a friend more so than himself. It may turn out it was himself he was protecting once we know the official charges after the arraignment.

  17. CashMan

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    I think he is dumb enough to pulled the trigger, and I do think he killed the guy or atleast ordered it to happen.
  18. speedkilz88

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    Destroying evidence is not a right.
  19. Reality

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    I was referring to the Patriots organization delaying his release until he was charged to gain PR from it because they boasted about doing the right thing in their official release. If you are doing the right thing, you don't have to say you are doing the right thing. It's like when someone says they're humble, they really aren't.

  20. tecolote

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    This is such a dumb comparison for reasons stated in other posts. But the thing that gets me is all the media hypocrisy about the Pats being a model franchise for doing this and not mentioning they hired Donte Stallworth no to long ago after being involved in a fatality involving alcohol and driving a car.

    This is BS in it's purest form.

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