Hernandez v Brent

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by zack, Jun 26, 2013.

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    I don't think Brent's anywhere near the person Hernandez is. He''s an alcoholic. Saying that though, I still don't think he should be a Dallas Cowboy.
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    They had it coming...we all do, just don't know when.

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    You have such a double standard right here in this very post. If he was in an accident and had been drinking it would be ok. Well he got in an accident that resulted in the killing of his bestfriend. Let me repeat that he got into an ACCIDENT. Both require thought? Sorry planning out a murder and partying and having fun are not the same. One is intent the other is not. Now was Brent stupid? yup But AH is not stupid he is a cold blooded murderer period 2 different kind of people.
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    Lolwut? Seriously?

    In Brent's situation there was no intent to kill. DUI or DWI is dumb and dangerous, but there is no direct cause and effect of death, i.e. just because you DUI or DWI, doesn't mean you will kill someone. However, intentionally shooting someone in the back of the head execution style almost always results in the latter.
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    I don't think that's the case at all. I think some [Cowboys] fans are just so frustrated with the lack of success of the team that they are critical of how the Cowboys run things compared to other successful teams. The Patriots fit this mold in this instance. The Cowboys haven;t won a SB in 18 years and have only 1 play off win in 16 while the Patriots have won a SB as recent as 2005 and is consistently a playoff contender. If this were the Lions, people wouldn't feel the need to take a "shot" as you so put it, at our beloved team because they haven't been successful. Therefore, the release of Hernandez if he were a Lion, wouldn't warrant the "cowboy" shot. But people want to see the Cowboys be successful and see how other teams are run and those teams are notably successful while we do the opposite of what these teams are doing, hence the comparisons.

    Also, people need to stop with the "Bu bu but they signed Dante Stallworth." The Patriots have NEVER had a problem with taking a chance on a problem child. Matter of fact, don't be surprised if you see them sign T.O. being that he's worked out with Brady this off season. But the Patriots have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to these problem children. That's the difference. In 2010, Randy Moss was only guilty of saying to the media "I probably won't be a Patriot after this season" and he was cut mid season. Cowboys fans...be honest with yourselves: Do you HONESTLY believe that Jerry Jones would release Randy Moss after coming off of an 83 catch, 1200+ Yards, and 13 TD season only due to going to the media, indirectly hinting you were upset that you hadn't gotten a contract extension yet, MID SEASON?

    THAT'S the difference between the two franchises. One signs knuckleheads and puts up with it. The other signs knuckleheads with the hope they can adopt to their philosophy and if not, they are gone in an instant.
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    Brent and Brown made a series of bad judgements that lead to a tragic accident. It sounds like Hernandez at least helped plan if not carried out an execution. Anyone who sees these as identical would also argue that a crop duster and a F-22 are identical because they both fly.
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    The moment Brent got behind the wheel drunk, there was an intent to drive, taking a chance on a result that could turn drastic, and violate the law and common sense.

    To suggest because they call traffic collisions accidents that absolves him of a conscious decision to drive drunk is absurd. The court will confirm how absurd your position is on this subject - save for some intervention by the team, a good lawyer, or the pleadings of the victim's Mother. Which in my opinion would be a travesty that underscores our society's lack of judgment in abetting athletes and celebrities bad behavior because they are famous.

    Had Brent been nothing more than a drunk driver in another car that killed the victim who was driving his own car sober, the temperament on this site would be quite different.

    We are a society of freedom of choice. But with freedom goes a responsibility to make good decisions that do not adversely effect others.

    He made a choice that negatively impacted both the victim and his family, as well as Brent and his family. Painting this as some random event that was unavoidable or faultless by calling it an accident enables those who drive drunk to believe if you don't crash, then it is okay.

    He is an adult, and with his driver's license comes a responsibility to all other drivers and passengers he may come upon.

    He has absolutely no excuse for his behavior. And suggesting he is not as culpable as Hernandez, even with the dichotomy of willful intent - although Brent did practice willful intent when he chose to drive - is a ridiculous and unsustainable point.
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    I'd think Jerry Brown would say something to the effect, "Man, I wish I had of not let my friend drive drunk and speed. Oh yea...and where's that seatbelt?"

    The Hernandez-victim guy, "DUDE...Is MY life, REALLY worth throwing YOUR life away over!?"
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    Who is suggesting Brent isn't culpable? I haven't seen that.
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    Nope. They should be penalized by taking a contract risk on a character risk. If they wanted to limit their exposure on him, they needed him to agree to a deal that limited their exposure contractually.

    Also, they're cheaters, so they deserve it. :)
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    One man intended to drive his best friend home. The other intended to kill someone.

    How you can ignore the "dichotomy of willful intent" is, in my view, an act of willful and intentional ignorance.
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    Then read the replies that say it was an accident. The replies that try and absolve Brent from killing someone.

    The absolutely laughable comment by one guy who thinks seeing Brent as a killer, using an automobile versus a handgun is someone trying to find any small fault with the team and perhaps is a troll.

    Someone lost their life in that traffic collision. regardless of how much they liked each other, Brent violated the law by his decision.

    He has no place on this team, or in society, especially considering his history with alcohol and driving.
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    However, I am not ignorant on this subject, and getting behind the wheel of a car drunk and the people surviving is to me like shooting at someone's head and missing.

    Admittedly Brent did not intend to kill his friend. But he also made a conscious decision, just like Hernandez.

    Brent rolled the dice and the other kid lost. But he sure did intent to drive drunk.

    I have no pity for him, especially since he has had issues with alcohol and driving before.
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    1. Brent was involved in an accident
    2. Brent is culpable for his actions leading to the accident, and will be held legally responsible.

    Does everyone understand that the above 2 statements are not mutually exclusive?
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    Ok Ill ask you the same thing I asked Cashman. Do you view people who text and drive the same as you view drunk drivers?
    Texting and driving kills more people than drunk drivers and it takes intent to do it the same as driving drunk. By your philosophy I can drive out of my driveway and within a mile see ten or more potential cold blooded killers.
    If god forbid one of those people cause a fatal accident I'm pretty confident the driver will not be viewed as a killer but as someone who was careless and made a bad decision just like Josh Brent and Jerry Brown did when they got into the vehicle.
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    Well I didn't post this thread because I'm a troll. I'm a die hard Cowboys fan who is concerned with the image of the franchise. Yes, it was an accident and wasn't intentional. But having him on the roster sends the wrong message period. The Cowboys can provide help to him but he doesn't deserve to be on this team because the mother of the deceased has forgiven Brent.

    Yes the Hernandez case is different but someone is dead because of the actions of these players. The Pats cut ties due to financial reasons and they knew he wasn't playing anytime soon. They tried to save face and look like they did something good. The bottom line is that the took a gamble on him when they drafted him and they lost.

    I don't see why we are keeping Brent? He too will be suspended. He is a mediocre role player and quite frankly isn't worth having him on the roster as it sheds a negative light on the organization.[/quote]
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    First of all I'm not absolving Brent of what he did. I'm clearly stating that as the poster I quoted would have been fine had he had just been in an accident with alcohol in his system. Well I am pointing out that he was in an accident but that accident took the life of his best friend. There is no different you drive with alcohol in your system it's a stupid decision. I've done it. Dumb decision at the time I thought nothing of it. But there is not a chance that Brent said you know I'm gonna get in my truck and kill my friend. Hernandez said screw it can't trust anyone anymore so he killed him big difference. That was my point sorry you missed it. TD3
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    How many times does one's cuff have to buzz before we say no mas. Brent should be cut.
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    Agreed..Brent is nowhere near like Hernandez. Both situations are very sad for all involved. I see Hernandez going for life imprisonment on murder. I see Josh serving 5-10 on manslaughter.

    Big big difference.

    As for the Cowboys waiting it all out..that's their choice..nothing wrong with that. When the law rules..so will they. Not before. As it should be.

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