Herndon: NFL not sold on Cam Newton

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    Herndon: NFL not sold on Cam Newton[​IMG]Published: Wednesday, November 17, 2010, 5:30 AM
    Mike Herndon, Press-Register
    Because Cam Newton could be a very rich man as early as April.

    (File)Despite the controversy surrounding the former JUCO recruit and Heisman candidate, Mike Herndon asks if Cam Newton is ready for the NFL.

    While Auburn's quarterback has at least publicly deferred all consideration of leaving early for the NFL until after the season, it seems likely with the hovering allegations of a play-for-pay scheme that he'll strongly consider declaring for the draft. With what he's accomplished this year, he probably would have done so anyway.

    One NFL insider told me this week, however, that it's not such a done deal that Newton would be a first-rounder in 2011. Despite all the highlight-reel performances, he said the NFL still has questions about Newton, as much of what he does in Auburn's spread may not translate to an NFL offense. He likened Newton's case to that of Tim Tebow last year, except that while the question marks about Tebow were from the neck down, those surrounding Newton are from the neck up.

    Of course, Denver drafted Tebow in the first round despite the questions about his delivery and mechanics. With unique running ability for his size at 6-foot-6 and 250 pounds, no comparisons really do Newton justice. He's more athletic than Tebow. He's bigger than Vince Young. He's a better runner than Donovan McNabb or Steve Young. He's a better passer than Michael Vick was at this stage in his development. Anyone who questions Newton's arm didn't see the Kentucky game, when he threw a 33-yard bullet to Kodi Burns while leaping and falling sideways near the sideline.

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