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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by jksmith269, Dec 20, 2009.

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    Last night during the game Sears had the commercial "Hero's at Home" running. While there are tons of charities out there, that are very worthy to receive your attention during this time of year, but myself being a Vet can understand what these men and women are going through this time of year. What these men and women are asked to do every day is just amazing, the pay isn't great, and for the most part for most of these troops it's not just a Job, it's a calling. They put their lives on the line for each and everyone of us every day. I love this Charity, I went this morning and donated, while this year has been very difficult for my family this year financially I figured I can do without a Value menu one day next week, Can you? Will you?


    EDIT: I wanted to post this on the main forum, but it's not football related, that being said if a MOD would like to move it over there so we can help these troops families I wouldn't mind at all...
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    My wife was somewhat miffed by these commercials. Not that she doesn't support troops or have anything against helping people out.

    She wondered though why nobody cares to do anything for other kids who have nothing because their parents aren't there. Like kids who have parents in prison. Sure it's not as glamorous, and noble as a parent in the military, but the kids have no choice in the matter. Those families don't have ANY income coming in (unlike those in the military) and most likely are having a harder time of it than those military familes. Are those kids not deserving of a decent Christmas too?

    FWIW, my wife's father was in prison for 10 years and her family was very poor and she basically supported her mother and sister since the time she could get a job until she was about 20 (much to the ruination of her credit).
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    I understand your point to an extent, not a good example you used though, I'd rather give money to help someone's kid who's off fighting for us, rather than some IDIOT who's sitting in Jail for Robbery, murder, rape, DUI or any other stupid crime they may have committed that being said it's not the kids fault that the parents are worthless...

    EDIT: BTW there are tons of charities that give to children like you describe, Salvation army, Toys for Tots, and honestly most receive walefare which is a gift that the rest of the working, tax paying people of this country give year around (weather we want to or not).

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