Hey all you Cowboy fans stuck in Houston

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Kangaroo, Dec 8, 2004.

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    We are getting a new all sports station to compete with Sports Radio 610

    No more of John's pure hate for the Cowboys :D

    Just a heads up of what is coming do the pipe not sure which channel yet ( It is been rumored 790am). It should be soon on the time table they took away one of the better broadcasters in Charlie P.
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    I figure you probably already know but just in case you do not..

    If you have interent access you can listen to the local dallas sports stations.

    The Ticket




    Or from the official dallas cowboys site


    Helps a great deal for those of us who can listen online at work and have no other means to listen to cowboys news.

    Although I have to admit I grew tired of the Tickets idiotic and sometimes racist humor.
    And some of the guys on the ESPN radio are just terrible...one guy is just a flat out troll.
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    Kind of hard during prime time traffic hours ;) to listen to the Dallas radio in ouston
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    Found an update on the station

    The Sports Radio picture in Houston has become murkier as Clear Channel (KTRH-AM & KBME-AM) has gotten back Charlie Pallilo from SportsRadio 610 (KILT-AM). Pallilo worked for KTRH in the 90s before going to KILT in August of 1999. Pallilo this past Wednesday has started working on KTRH's Sportsbeat and will then man the 3p-7p shift once KBME-AM flips to ESPN 790-The Sports Animal in December. Once ESPN 790 goes on air, you will be able to see their website at www.espn790.com Right now espn790.com points to the current KBME website. I expect ESPN 790's line-up to be something along the lines of this:
    Possible ESPN 790 Lineup- Houston (Times Central)
    Mike & Mike (ESPN Radio) 5a-7, 8, or 9a
    FOX Morning Extravagaza (Van Earl Wright, Andrew Siciliano, & Krystal Fernandez) 7a, 8 or 9a to Noon
    Dan Patrick (ESPN Radio) Noon-3p
    Charlie Pallilo (Local) 3p-7p
    Steve Czaban or ESPN 790 Sportsbeat 7p-10p (Right now, there is no word if KTRH Sportsbeat will move to ESPN 790)
    JT "The Brick" (FOX Sports Radio) 10p-1a
    ESPN All Night w/ Todd Wright 1a-5a
    SportsRadio 610 is expected to do some lineup reshuffling as a result of losing Pallilo and ESPN Radio to Clear Channel. Speculation is that their current morning drive show will reshuffle their hours from 5:30a-9a to something along the lines of 7a-11a. Also, word is that 610 will be bringing in at least one new talkshow host as part of their lineup changes.
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    Thanks man. I have to admit I can't stand Houston sports radio during football season because of the haters. AM 560 in Beaumont used to have a decent sports show back in the day and I can still get it, really fuzzy, for Cowboys games.

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