Hey--here's something Skins, Iggles AND Boys fans can unite on

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Kittymama, Sep 20, 2005.

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    Seriously--given how close all of the teams are in the NFC & that 1 or more of the teams in the NFC East could end up with the same records:

    I reallyreallyreally think we need to start hammering sports writers to get on the band wagon & b**** about why the Giants get NINE f*****g home games this year!!! Suppose there is a tie between the Giants-Skins or Giants-Boys or Giants-Boys-Skins. As far as I'm concerned, their win last night should get less weight.

    Tagliabue handed that game to them on a platter. The Saints (justifiably so) have been pissed about it since it was announced. There's no reason that game couldn't have been played in any of the empty stadiums Monday night on the East Coast--Baltimore, DC even, Pittsburgh, etc. Or, God forbid, it could have been played in Houston or San Antonio like the Saints originally wanted. Tagliabue's concerned about Katrina evacuees? Great--play the game where they are & pass out free tickets. The NFL did when San Diego had to relocate its game a few years ago because of fires. And does anyone for a nanosecond think that, had it been reversed & the Giants had been unable to play in their stadium, that the Saints would have been given an extra home game? Or that if the Saints had been playing, say, the Cards or some other team, that THEY would have been given an extra home game?

    Nope, he played homer for the New York team, to let them sell extra tickets. They've been given an unfair advantage in the playoff race. In a era where coaches lose jobs if they don't make the playoffs, we should be pressuring sportswriters to really make it an issue. It's nice that they held a telethon, but they could just as easily done that & still played the game somewhere other than Giants stadium.
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    I agree. That was ridiculous! Where's the outcry for fairness by all teams and not just the Saints.
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    Did you hear Tagliabue when he was interviewed? He said they did it because the folks on the gulf coast were so supportive of New York aftetr 9/11.

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    I agree 100%. Its not right at all.
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    It doesn't bother me that the Giants get an extra home game, but I think it was very unfair to the Saints.
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    Oh give me a freaking break.

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