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Hey Marinelli, What did you say?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ologan, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. ologan

    ologan Well-Known Member

    4,028 Messages
    385 Likes Received
    I'd sure like to know what the coach did or said to get the penalty. If it was his "melt down" on the sideline, then we should have been penalized any number of times with Rob Ryan prowling the sidelines last year. BTW, the look on Ryan's face at the end of their game yesterday was priceless!!!!!:)
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  2. Hook'em#11

    Hook'em#11 Well-Known Member

    2,955 Messages
    358 Likes Received
    Another crappy call by a crappy officiating crew.
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  3. WoodysGirl

    WoodysGirl U.N.I.T.Y Staff Member

    74,053 Messages
    22,268 Likes Received
    Whatever he said, I'm sure it would've blown the roof off the Zone's filter. I read his lips a bit and it didn't sound like he was congratulating them on a good day's work. lol
  4. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

    17,886 Messages
    3,029 Likes Received
    What sucks is that he was right, the refs admitted he was right, and still gave him the penalty lol
  5. dallasdave

    dallasdave Well-Known Member

    18,719 Messages
    41,437 Likes Received
    It was worth the penalty to see our DL play that hard.
  6. riverside4

    riverside4 Active Member

    212 Messages
    25 Likes Received
    Yea had to be a 180 from lets get lunch and a beer sometime.
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  7. theebs

    theebs Believe!!!!

    24,765 Messages
    4,760 Likes Received
    I applaud marnielli.

    they were wrong and he let them know.

    love the guys passion.

    Ben rogers asked sean lee what he thought of collinsworth saying it was the best performance by a bunch of no name guys on defense he has seen in a while and lee laughed and said good, marinelli tells us everyday there are no stars, the star of the defense is the defense.

    have to love that. Although I don't think this type of performance is sustainable.
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  8. WoodysGirl

    WoodysGirl U.N.I.T.Y Staff Member

    74,053 Messages
    22,268 Likes Received
    Honestly, they had to. You can't allow that kinda stuff during the game, then it becomes open season on the officials. From coaches to players to fans and then it just gets really out of hand. Why do you think they're escorted to/from the tunnels by security. They're the least liked people in the building.
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  9. ShiningStar

    ShiningStar Well-Known Member

    8,561 Messages
    1,614 Likes Received
    I dont care what he said, im tired of the coaches having to do the refs job and im tired of the refs and bad calls. That was a stupid penalty, that was childish and it was blantaly wrong.
  10. morasp

    morasp Well-Known Member

    3,388 Messages
    901 Likes Received
    Seems like a new team but same result for Ryan not get the stop at the end of the game. Not to mention after words before our game they were criticizing the defensive calls on the Patriots last drive.
  11. ShiningStar

    ShiningStar Well-Known Member

    8,561 Messages
    1,614 Likes Received
    why is hte nfl allowing the bad calls and with all the video at their disposal. If the NFL was so concerned they would start bringing these refs in, sit them down and get to the root of these problems and either get rid of some bad ones, or change up the calling. If th ebooth has to get more involved so be it. It was a horrible call, the coaches are telling these refs how to do their jobs and its getting the NFL and the coaches no where.
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  12. dallasdave

    dallasdave Well-Known Member

    18,719 Messages
    41,437 Likes Received
    Marnielli had our defensive line playing "GROWN MAN FOOTBALL" last night . Whatever you are saying Marnielli, keep saying it all season long.
    CowboysLegend365 likes this.
  13. theebs

    theebs Believe!!!!

    24,765 Messages
    4,760 Likes Received
    anyone see the horrendous touchback call in the bills bengals game? The ball bounced out of bounds a yard before the endzone and the official was staring right at it from two feet away and called it a touchback. It was a complete joke.

    they corrected it on the review, but that guy should be fired this morning. It was comical.
  14. 31smackdown

    31smackdown Well-Known Member

    1,373 Messages
    223 Likes Received
    Any good lipreaders out there? Can't really figure out the first part, but in it almost looks like he said, "I'm protesting, It's a blanking sham" . Of course that is probably way off..
  15. WoodysGirl

    WoodysGirl U.N.I.T.Y Staff Member

    74,053 Messages
    22,268 Likes Received
    I don't think the NFL "allows" bad calls. I don't think refs go out there with the intent to make a bad call. But they're human, too. And stuff happens so fast that you will miss seeing something. I'm alot more accepting of a ref missing something, because you never know what officials are looking at any given moment. On the flip side, I'm not accepting of the misapplication of rules. At that level, NFL refs should know their rule book backwards and forwards.

    And from every article I've read on it. Refs review game film after every game, and some are punished, demoted, or whatever. But it's just not publicized. And again, I understand why, too. You don't want open season on an official whose been sanctioned.

    That said, some officials can just have a bad day. It doesn't make it right or acceptable, but officials know when they've stunk up the joint. Too lax in the first half and so they have to tighten it up in the 2nd half. Threw a flag and had to pick it up, because they thought they saw something that didn't happen.
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  16. morasp

    morasp Well-Known Member

    3,388 Messages
    901 Likes Received
    It seemed intentional to me. The other one I notice that seems intentional is where they spot the ball. Every game I watch they seem to be taking blatant liberties on where they spot it. The coach has to decide if he wants to waste a challenge on the spot.
  17. pugilist

    pugilist Stick N Move

    4,634 Messages
    3,869 Likes Received
    something along the lines of " **** you! how can you blow that ******* call!! Get your head out of your ***!!
  18. Seven

    Seven Messenger to the football Gods

    14,421 Messages
    3,615 Likes Received

    Zero accountability in the 'good 'ol boys' club. They've got it monopolized and they know it.
  19. texbumthelife

    texbumthelife Well-Known Member

    9,396 Messages
    5,248 Likes Received
    It's my guess that it's not what he said, but that he either got grabby with a ref or was on the field pleading his case too long. Either way, the refs were garbage last night for both sides.
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  20. EGG

    EGG Well-Known Member

    6,460 Messages
    2,420 Likes Received

    I'm afraid that will be the case, we're already reduced to starting warm bodies off the street. Combine that with a "bend don't break" defensive philosophy and no offensive running game and you've got a recipe for a tired, injured DL. If two injuries breaks you then your DL was never a team strength!

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