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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by notherbob, Jun 10, 2004.

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    Who is that fascinating honey blonde adorning your posts? She looks like an old friend of mine, named Janet Overguard. I'm sure she's not her, though, cause it would be an old picture if it were her. If Paris had seen her, we would never have heard of Helen of Troy.

    She probably couldn't have played for the Cowboys, but she sure couldda made the cheerleaders squad. I had to say that to make this a football post.

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    Geeeeez, everyone knows that is June Wilkinson...especially if you right click the picture. :D
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    Geez, Bob, the lady was Dan Pastorini's main squeeze.

    You need initiating' ;)
  4. MichaelWinicki

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    Yes that's June...

    She recently flew into town to see me and I had the pleasure of spending five wonderful days with her.

    I count her as one of my best friends and a class act. Certainly one of the nicest people you would ever want to deal with.

    Here's another football story directly from June...

    It seems that everything you've ever heard about Sid Gillman being an offensive genius is 100% accurate. June, when married to Dan P., had the phone on her side of the bed and Gillman would call at all hours of the day and night to talk to Dan about some sort of new play or new wrinkle in the offense.

    She contrasts this is "Bum" Phillips who she says didn't have a clue about offense. He never spent any time discussing offensive strategy with Dan. All he knew how to do was to have the ball handed off to Earl Campbell and that was about it...

    Even while Earl was piling up huge numbers, people associated with the team knew Earl was being overworked.

    Even today, when one walks into a restaurant or in a mall heads turn--both men's and women's, when they see June Wilkinson.
  5. notherbob

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    Thanks for the answers. She sounds a lot like my friend, Janet, who used to be in TV and movies.

    As may be obvious to some, I'm a ranch hand living in a cattle ranch way out in the middle of nowhere in west central Texas and seldom get to town, almost never see a movie and don't listen to radio or TV (except NLF games).
    I've only started interacting with the outside world since the advent of the internet.

    When life is lived to the fullest out here in the middle of everything, you simply don't need the distractions of city life. Life is multi-diminsional here; the wind and rain and the birds and the ants are something you experience, not just watch through a sterile window while you sit inside, protected and bored.

    Life is rich when you're out somewhere fixing a fence that you know needs fixin' without some pointy-haired boss ordering you to do it and some pot-bellied cop standing over you making you do it or some preacher yelling at you trying to make you feel bad about things that are natural in life. The magnificent solitude out here fills my life with riches that no city dweller can possibly understand. Life is good.

    Still, when the NFL season comes around, There's nothing better than a couple of beers and some good football, played by the best players on the planet, to help a Sunday afternoon drift by. If I had known she was there, I might have watched the Oilers - she's cute.

    Out on the prairie in the middle of nowhere, yet right in the middle of everything important.

    Gotta go do some real work now...

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