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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by addison4ya_28, Mar 4, 2005.

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    listening to alll the whining on the site is hilarious. Dont listen!! Anyone that knows anything about Dallas should know not to take anything they do seriously. To say it sucks, well it is an acquired taste, but it is also the most copied and admired all-sports station in the country. It has a larger share in Dallas than any sports talk station has in any city in the country. This station has had some the funniest stuff over the last 4 years that I have ever heard in my life, and if you give it a chance it will be something you talk about with your buddies on a daily basis. Most of you are catching the Musiers in the morning and they are probably the least entertaining show all day, but they are good guys. Norm and BaD Radio will give you more sports. The fact that someone actually posted a press conference because they heard it on the Ticket cracks me up. Turn in to 103.3 ESPN radio or lighten up!

    Corda snake!
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    Are you working for them? ;)
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    You ended your long reign of lurking for that?
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    I don't see how anyone could take 'sports talk' seriously. Its assinine drivel. Most of it is about sensationalistic, pseudo-moralistic topics like steroids, John Cheney, Kobe Bryant, Randy Moss, Allen Iverson and the current villan of the day . Its just another version of Dr. Laura preaching manufactured, emotional hot button stories about "the greater good" to get self righteous morons riled up. Real "sports talk" isn't even "sports" talk. Very little of sports talk is spent on strategies and in game decisions. When you take away all the moralistic crap on real "sports radio", they talk just as much about sports as the ticket.

    If I want insights into the human condition, I'd get it from Kant or Tolstoy. Not "Spike and the Mad Dog."
  5. flashback

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    Thanks, I won't.

    And you might take a little of your own advice regarding the "whining" you mention.
  6. Reality

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    I personally wouldn't mind good comedy mixed in with a sports talk station. The problem is that 60-70% of the comedy on The Ticket is just plain horrible. I've gotten more entertainment and laughs from a group of school kids than from that station. That is precisely why I haven't listened to it in over a year now.

    That being said, I totally agree with the original poster in that you have a choice not to listen. If no one listens, eventually there will be no "The Ticket." As long as there are people willing to listen to it, they'll continue to stay on the air.

    Perhaps in the future some other local radio station will associate itself with the Dallas Cowboys and bring a little more credibility and reliability to Cowboys news radio.
  7. Alexander

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  8. LA=Pancakemaker

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    Come on now, cant we all just get along! Think of the children!!! hahahahaha tgif! the Ticket!
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    The ticket is an embarrasment to Cowboy fans, it's audience and staff. I feel bad for locals if this presents their only choice of sports talk on the radio.
  10. Tobal

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    I think it's funny as hell at times and it has good sports talk normally at 10 AM When Norm is on.
  11. StoneyBurk

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    The Ticket Rocks ! They are just some good ol boys having fun. They are a lot better than a bunch of know it all yankees ! Everytime some station down here brings in some yankee they fail.
  12. TheSkaven

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    Have a source for this because you're dead wrong. It is not the most admired and copied all-sports station in the country. You obviously haven't seen the ratings numbers for WFAN in NY and WIP in Philadelphia. Those stations dominate their markets, and they are clearly the market leaders to be admired.

    What I see here is a clash of cultures. It seems that people from the South prefer the style of programming that the Ticket broadcasts. Someone from the Northeast would consider it absolute drivel. Our sports talk centers more around sports conversation. I'd guess if a Texan were to travel to Boston, NY or Philly and listen to the radio station up here, they might consider us uptight for talking sports all day?

    One could also make the argument that fans in the NE are more passionate about sports. The joke radio just won't fly here - people who want that have other alternatives on the radio.
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    The Fan has to be the most estabilished sports radio. Mike and the Mad Dog are absolutely fabulous hosts, and there show is broadcasted on television from 12-6:30 everyday, you cant beat that. NY sports radio talk is all serious, no joking or anything of that nature, only time they got off topic is when a caller calls up and talks about grammys and movies that are out. They aslo talk about the cowboys all the time and listen everynight when I go to sleep. They thought the henry pick up for us was a great move and that we might trade one of our first for abraham.
  14. Waffle

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    Fortunately it isn't the only choice. Those around here who like alternatives to the Ticket usually tune into ESPN 103.3-FM or Fox Radio's 1190-AM.

    Those who want more humor and less sports usually tune in to the Ticket. The "harder" sports are on the other stations although that hasn't translated into better ratings for them. Believe it or not, the Ticket is still the highest rated sports station in the market.

    Although dominated by more college sports talk than the Dallas stations, I even know some people who will listen to Oklahoma City's "The Sports Animal" at 640-AM. Because their AM signal is so strong I can actually pick up that station just about anywhere from Dallas all the way to Lubbock!
  15. TheSkaven

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    I believe it - you have to add that element to your broadcasts in order to bring in a larger audience. The sports radio station up in Boston, and the one here in Philadelphia (WIP) does a fair amount of deviation. They have their annual wing eating contest, their miss WIP pagent, etc. It's still 95% sports, and filled with radio personalities that have a deep knowledge of the game and very good sources.

    The reason that I can't listen to the Ticket is that it seems to (a) be almost 50% about humorless jokes and (b) other than Norm, the hosts don't seem very knowledgable.
  16. GTaylor

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    As always, Reality brings in common sense. Been 4 1/2 years for me since I turned in
  17. GTaylor

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    Like Bob Sturm and Dan McDowell??
  18. Danny White

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    Does 103.3 play the press conferences? If so, it will be my new station of choice over the net.
  19. InmanRoshi

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    FWIW, The Ticket didn't just fumbduck around into this format. The station was founded 10 years ago, with "sports" personalities like Skip Bayless and Chuck Cooperstein. The station actually centered around Chuck Cooperstein's show. It was a failure and ratings bombed.

    By the way ... the quoted Bruce Gilbert, is now ESPN's General Manager for all of their talk radio. ESPN threw big money at him to save their fledging talk radio format.

    I travel quite a bit, and I've heard east coast sports stations. I still maintain traditional "Sports talk" doesn't actually have much to do with sports. Its sensationalistic, manufactured conversation about people in sports, but its really little more than the male equivalent to beauty salon gossip. Traditional "sports talk" has has very little to do ith the the aspect of sports I'm interested in. I like analysis and X's and O's, and I hear very little of that. Most sports station radio programmers stay away from it, so you end up with 4 hours of talking about what a bad guy Barry Bonds/Maurice Clarett/Randy Moss is. I don't see Bob Ryan talking about how he wants to smack Jason Kidd's wife having much to do with sports.
  20. GTaylor

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    Coop's outster wasn't due to bad ratings - it was because as the article you posted mention, they went a different direction (For some odd reason I remember the story like it was yesterday - they called Coop into the office where he thought he was getting his contract extended only to be told it would not be renewed), Rhyner even griped about the way they treated him in the end, he thought it was a raw deal.

    I have no problem with sthick - all stations do it, even Galloway. But it should be part of your show, not the show.

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