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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Feb 14, 2006.

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    QB - I think we're set at what we can do for now. Lets stop talking about Brees, Rivers, or any quarterback in the draft. Lets allow Henson to show us something in Europe, and give romo and henson a look in the preseason.

    HB/FB - I think Parcells needs to give up on the versatile fullback. We need a strong lead blocker. And I hope we can sign Strong or Neal to a one or two year deal.

    WR - I know most people don't want to hear it, and I know it won't happen because both sides don't want it, but Antonio Bryant is the perfect fit here. He is the speed threat playmaker receiver that we need for the future. Combine him with Crayton, and maybe a drafted receiver next year, and our receiver corp would be set. I always liked Bryant, and it seems people simply started disliking him when he was traded. Dude is talented, and his attitude HAS improved. Bryant wouldn't cost an arm and a leg.

    Offensive Line - We need to completely overhaul the line, starting with releasing or restructoring Allens deal. We should bring in Jeff Backus to start at right tackle, and draft a tackle on the first day. Bring in Tutan Reyes , and move Rivera to left guard. And finally splurge on getting LeCharles Bentley. Subtracting Allen's contract will allow us to afford Bentley to some extent. Backus is a simple need, and Reyes I don't think will be TOO expensive.

    Adams - Rivera - Bentley - Reyes - Backus
    Colombo/Draft Pick - Allen/Draft Pick - Johnson - Draft Pick/Peterman - Petitti/Draft Pick

    K - I'm down with getting any of the top free agent kickers at this point. Nedney, longwell, Vanderjagt, or Vinatierri.


    OLB - If Abraham is allowed free agency, we need to go after him. Abraham and Ware would make this a terrifying defense. And you could just imagine the flexibility and the result of having abraham and ellis on nickel downs. Abraham is simply one of the few "splurge free agents we need". I dont think we need to make any additions at ILB, we could move Fujita inside, in addition to Burnett.

    NT - I think we need to make a play at Chris Hovan. Don't know if he is a fit for our style of defense though. Either him or Ryan Pickett would be a good pick up. Subtracting Glover's contract will allow us to afford either player.

    Safety - I'm down for signing Ty Law and having more depth at corner and safety. But I'd have no problems getting Demps, Jackson, Chavous, or hope. I don't see why we can't get a safety this year.

    Offensive Free Agents - 4 (not including Bryant)
    Defensive Free Agents - 3
    Special Teams - 1

    Its DOable, AND AFFORDable.
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    There's a reason BP got rid of the idiot. Do you honestly think he wants him back?

    San Diego isn't going to let Neal walk. he's the reason LT is racking up yards on the ground.

    No! We splurged on defense last year. Let's get some more offensive linemen in here. Our defense is pretty damn stout now. Maybe pick up a 2nd tier LB in FA and draft one or two.
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    Did you even read what I wrote?
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    I don't think we can afford all those FA's you mentioned.
    I think Bentley should top the priority list and not just because we need a C that can get it done, he can also play G.
    We might also need one more lower priced FA OL.
    I don't think AB would even want to come back to Dallas even if BP wanted him back. You're right though about his talent. His talent would fit here, just maybe not his head.
    Kicker is obvious, I like Nedney first, then Longwell but I really don't care as long as he can make a 39 yarder and closer consistently.
    I don't think we need or can afford a Ty Law or FA CB of any caliber. I think a starting vet FS is in order and inexpensive. I like Chavous a lot because he's a very smart guy just like the brilliant Woody that we lost unfortunately. That's what we need back there again, another smart, QB-type, coverage FS. FS's usually aren't all that expensive anyway. I don't think BP would trust a rookie back there plus Chavous and Dexter Jackson are on the market for cheaper than what a first rounder would cost anyway.
    LB, its slim pickens but I think we need to cut Singleton and sign someone like Adenleye (sp?). We probably need a reasonably priced OLB that can start in the 3-4, he's one of the few out there this FA period. Peterson is highly unlikely for a lot of reasons. That would give us James, Ware, Adenleye (and maybe draft Carpenter) as the starters with Fujita, Shanle, and Burnett as backups. That's a solid LB rotation and in the 3-4, you HAVE to have playmaking LBs AND some depth.
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    This is assanine. We are not going to revamp the entire OLine. We will sign a RT and maybe either draft or sign one backup thats it. You have us getting 4 new OLineman isn't going to happen
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    a kicker
    Chris Hovan
    Ty Law

    Thats 9 free agents according to your plan. Including premiere players at OLine, CB, K, OLB/DE, FB

    and yet you say this is affordable??? On what planet do you live?

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