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    Happy Saturday night Cowboys nation!

    I recently signed up for this forum although my brother has been a member for sometime (casmith07) and I have bled blue and silver for 23 years. My name is Brennan, B.R. for short or just bman works fine. I'm happily married, have a one year old son and recently just got a new job for myself and my new family.

    I thought tonight would be the perfect opportunity for me to introduce myself and do my best to give my own personal opinion with absolutely no intention of sparking an angry debate amongst us. We're all brothers and sisters here right? Of course feel free to disagree with me if you'd like.

    Given this surprisingly aggressive draft, and rock solid while still conservative FA off season, on paper the Dallas Cowboys have filled every need. As far analysts listed positions of need, I give the Cowboys an A. I do understand why safety wasn't looked at, as we"re moving players up the depth chart, possibly starting either "the reverend" Barry Church or Danny McCrary along side Sensabsugh. Cornerback however, after how much we struggled and how many yards, TDs, 3rd and 4th down conversions we gave up throughout the season prompted dire change. Newman lost his legs, while Jenkins disappointing effort these past 3 seasons and running his mouth on twitter will likely have him traded or cut before then end of the season when the team understandably will zero interest resigning him unless he plays like the "4th best CB in the entire league" he claims to be. I'm sorry but saying you're the number 4 corner in the league when teams pick you as the weaker option between yourself and a 33 year old who is always injured, I can't in good faith agree with you.

    Now that the NFL has predictably become a pass driven league, while super bowl winners still rely heavily on stout defense and a strong running game, making this a defensive draft was the right move by Mr Jones and Co. Our NFC east opponents have done more than improve this off season and to have the Cowboys fail once again to put out a competitive "America's Team" every Sunday was not acceptable to the front office, sponsors, the players who bring 100% every game and especially Us: the fans. The additions of an OLB and DE show me that Anthony Spencer's days in Dallas are probably numbered if he's not offered a new deal by the trade deadline. I'll admit, like other fans on here, I have reservations of the lower round picks that 1. I've never heard of 2. Turn up my nose where they played and the competition they faced and 3. Light research and the recent production they had last season. But you have to look at players as prospects. Coming from a big school, big competition and big COLLEGE production has put out just as many if not more busts than taking a chance on a small school prospect has. A lot of diamonds have been found in rounds 6-7 and even undrafted rookie FAs.

    This is my first sound off so I hope I gained a few smiles and nods. Looking forward to shooting ideas and opinions back and forth with you all. Go Cowboys!
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    I got my eye on you... ;)
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    We look forward to hearing your opinion on the Cowboys and other forum topics.

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