Hibbert Fined 75K For Remarks

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by ABQCOWBOY, Jun 3, 2013.

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    Point was that intentions are irrelevant. If you say call something "gay" or someone who is cheap a "jew" or any other phrase of that nature, whether or not you intend to be offensive is not at all the point. The fact that you are using a phrase that others may find offensive is the problem. I doubt Hibbert had bad intentions -- but he sure was ignorant as to how others might feel. Pretty much said that much in his statement afterwards.
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    WV, sexual orientation is not about just sex. It is about who someone feels naturally attracted to. There is a huge difference between that and simply the sexual act.

    So you could choose to be gay? Could you suddenly make a decision to start being attracted to men? To sleeping with them? Would that choice be easy for you? Would it even be something you could do?
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    Come out with it. You believe that various stereotypes are true and that is why those phrases exist.

    Say what you mean.
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    You know the answer to all of those questions, .. and my answers brings me to this question.

    What about those that have been married, have kids, and then switch?

    Like you said about me, I could never do both. At yet people do.

    They make a choice.

    Lots of things, lots of different life experience's go into that choice.

    If you want my true feelings, which you may not, PM me.
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    What about those who then switch? Those are generally people who realized that they were living a lie and forcing themselves to be something that they are not. It isn't like they wake up one day and say "gee, now I'm gonna be gay!" It is a tough decision and one they likely don't take lightly as most love their children as any parent would. Most love their spouses as well - just not in a particularly sexual way. It is sad that you would point to this as a "choice" -- they didn't choose to be attracted to people of the same sex.

    As you put this, choice is either denying who you are or allowing yourself to be attracted who you feel attracted to. Like I said earlier - I can't imagine you being able to "choose" to be attracted to men. So don't expect gay folks to choose who they are attracted to.
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    Ok. This has been a nice, civil thread during a slow offseason. But it keeps bumping up against politics, and, now, religion, so much that I think it's time to close shop so we can all think about what we've learned.

    I appreciate everybody handling a delicate topic, for the most part, respectfully.

    When you can get almost 100 posts in on a topic as delicate as this one and everybody's civil, you know you're doing something right as a community.

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