High School Basketball Player Attacks Referee Over Ejection

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    A Florida high school basketball game turns into a wrestling match after a player body-slammed a referee on the court.

    The incident, which was caught on video, shows Desoto High School player Mason Holland, identified by the Fort Myers News-Press, losing his cool after getting ejected during a game against Port Charlotte High School on Monday. He then took his aggression out on the referee, throwing him to the ground.

    The refs refused to continue to officiate the game after the incident, giving Port Charlotte a forfeit win.

    Desoto County Schools Superintendent Adrian Cline told ABC-7.com he was saddened by the turn of events.

    "This is very disappointing. It's unacceptable," he told the website.

    The school has suspended Holland and the State Attorney's Office is reviewing the incident to determine if there will be criminal charges filed.

    The Florida High School Athletic Association tells ABC-7 they plan on administering their own punishment.

  2. Sam I Am

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    He won't play basketball for that school anymore.


    Hmm, the NBA players should do this. Maybe the NBA brass will stop cheating via the refs if they are getting their you know whats kicked every time they do. :)
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    No kidding, #1 no no you don't attack the refs.
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    Not surprising to hear it was Desoto. Been quite a few years, but we played them in football my freshman and Sophmore years in HS and they were certainly "aggressive" until just past the whistle. We didn't mind running up the score on them.
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    Additionally I would get a restraining order if I were the ref.
  6. Doomsday101

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    I agree. This kid is in big time trouble. Not playing basketball should be the least of his worries.
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    Still trying to figure out what he was ejected for.

    Edit: Never mind, I saw it this time. Kind of a weak reason to eject someone (unless he was at his foul limit).

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