High School Recruiting

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Garland powerplay, Oct 3, 2010.

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    Baseball and Basketball recruit out of high school and even draft. NFL should be able to draft and recruit football too. Dallas could look in backyard to teams like Plano, Allen , and Euless Trinty. Of course Texas has the best high school programs in the country .Are their any scouts checking this out similar to baseball that has regional scouts looking at everything?
    The current system requires players to finish college but why is this fair for other sports but not football? Is this for the same reason there is no college football playoffs ? This is ridiculous too because even high school and peewee do playoffs. Ir seems like the NCAA would make more money w/ national interest for playoffs. Seriously who cares who wins the toilet bowls sponsored by the .com scams?
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    Actually the current system does not require them to finish college. A player can not be drafted unless they are 3 years removed from high school.

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