Hill: Back surgery is affecting Romo’s deep passes

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Alexander, Aug 6, 2014.

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    "But Wilson is not overly concerned, partly because the Cowboys don't feature the go-route in the game plan as much anymore." And why is this the case? It is easy not to be concerned about deep throws when they aren't even in the playbook. Now Romo doesn't go deep bc it isn't in the playbook? Ok:rolleyes:Yikes
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    Crown Royal...........the thread closer!

    btw, nobody made Wade say anything.
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    Check the above chart. 4 total QBs in the league passed had at least 16 passes that were deep. It really isn't that big in the nFL.
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    BTW, I'm not trying to say that this shouldn't be a concern. But let's not a) assume that Romo is a completely PUTRID deep ball passer - he's not. He's alright at it, but it's not a big part of his game. b) let's not assume that this news will hamstring us significantly.
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    No I agree and appreciate the information you presented. Romo is an efficient player and not the prototypical gun slinger, but he had plenty of arm. I was speaking more to the scheme not even incorporating the pass ( at least to stretch the field for others, etc.) The team seemed to really play underneath last season (Witten esp). The short to intermediate passing game is probably more important to the success of a team, but we have to at least have the threat present to allow some breathing room (RAC).
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    No, just all the ducks that Tony is throwing. Having Dez as a receiver and Tony as his QB is like having a Lambo and only allowing a grandma who doesnt drive over 35 mph to drive it.
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    I am HOPING that the comment is overplayed. The go route is not a major part of most schemes, but you definitely need to throw it here and there to keep the safeties aware. As @RisenStar says quite accurately, if you Dez is single covered by only a safety on a deep route, just throw it hard and let him do work.

    One thing I think has affected Romo is that his WRs were not previously strong at going up and fighting (Austin was horrible at it).
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    He was noticeably inefficient on deep throws last year too, was almost a weekly thing with him missing downfield receivers or greatly under throwing them for what should have been Touchdowns. Seems like some of us don't remember or don't want acknowledge his struggles on deep throws and how that hurt us last year.


    Here's an article from after the Packers game, where Romo missed on FIVE deep throws throughout the game to Dez.

    Those of you saying it's not a big deal must not realize what kind of offense we've been running under Garrett and now with Linehan, your QBs ability to get the ball downfield is what makes this offense work.
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    Noodle arm is noodle.
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    yet the harder throws such as the deep out routs he can still throw. You can't afford to float an out rout but yet Romo has enough zip on the passes to get there.
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    I thought Garrett's offense was a vertically-based offense that likes to take risks down-field and teams, in order to thwart that, play Cowboys a lot of 2-deep coverage? So who took out the go route from a lot of the play-book? And I thought Tony was suppose to not take risks by turning the ball over, because that was suppose to be his fatal flaw?

    I'm confused. So are we saying now, that this offense was never catered towards Romo's skill set?
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    How does one define deep throw that should have been completed? Telling somebody a percentage of completions doesn't indicate the whole story, especially when your offense lacks rhythm in what one is trying to do. The only game I saw real rhythm in an offense was Denver, and Romo was chucking the ball all over the place.
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    It is funny to discuss Tony's deep ball. For most of his career Tony has not had time to consistently throw deep and be able to step up into a throw.

    And honestly, from the interview they had with Tony, he said he was trying to take it easy and regulate what he was doing. There would be no reason, early in camp, to try to test it out completely on a deep ball. You work into it.

    All that said. I would agree that Tony's deep ball is definitely not the best in the league.
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    That, or you have been laboring under some fundamental misconceptions. I know where my money is.

    On the thread topic, I think this is significant if the limitation extends into the season. Let's hope Wilson is right and it's something that gets better with strength and reps. Tony does look like he's playing gingerly to me.
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    I doubt we see any deep pass attempts at camp at all. They break camp on the 15th. Play Ravens on the 16th. If romo plays, it will be a series or 2 and out. Running and short to intermediate throws.
    I would bet he throws deep passes in the Death Star, closed to the public and media, before he throws in any public practices.

    just my thoughts
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    LOL After the prayer, the church said Amen.
    After what happened with Tiger this weekend, now I'm worried.
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    Does anyone know if Tony's injury is comparable to Tigers? Tiger is struggling bad. I hope we don't go through the same thing with our QB...
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    It crossed my mind, especially when you look at the zip on some of the intermediate stuff.
    But I actually think there's some truth with the back being an issue on the 9 routes. It easily could be because he's being cautious though....not really sure.

    1 full month still until opening game folks.
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    Funny you pick this as an example. It's not really a good pass. Williams had to slow down to catch it which made it far more difficult than it needed to be. See how he accelerates after the catch? This is what drives the Romo debate. One side sees this as awesome, on side sees it as a great job of catching a poorly thrown ball.
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    It supposedly was the same surgery, and everyone seems to be comparing the two. Basically saying romo is history.
    I having no idea about how the torque is on one's back is for golf. And how it relates to getting hit in football. But dorsn't sound good when you think about it.

    Thing is, how much the same were the surgeries, and to what degree.

    Romo had his surgery in early January, and was 5 months begore he started throwing.
    Tiger tried to come back to sson, only 3 months after his surgery.

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