Hill: Monte Kiffen won't force cover 2 scheme...interviewed w/JG and JG today

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 10, 2013.

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    Excellent point. That would have been an unmitigated disaster. See: Bills, Buffalo.

    They were supposed to be a top defense this year.

    It'll be interesting to see how he schemes it to fit this team. I hope he brings Raheem Morris here somehow. I think he'd have a great influence on the younger players.
  2. SWG9

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    So we're back to musical coaches?

    Let's be serious here; this defence isn't going to excel in its first year with a new scheme and a new co-ordinator. It just doesn't work that way.

    So if the defence struggles (likely), and the Cowboys miss the playoffs (possible), we gut the entire coaching staff and start all over again? Is that any way to run a franchise? This isn't draw poker where you just keep throwing cards in and getting new ones year after year. Continunity matters. A lot.

    We spent 7-8 years using high draft picks to build the foundation for a 3-4. We're finally on the cusp of putting something special on the field, and JJ gets cold feet and scraps the whole thing.

    Ware, Carter, Lee, Spencer, all on the field at the same time and healthy...this group of LB's has the potential to be game changers for this team next year in a 3-4. I actually get goosebumps thinking about how disruptive that set of LB's could be.

    And we're ditching it.
  3. Rogerthat12

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    I truly hope we take a look at Horton, I simply do not know about this move.
  4. Beast_from_East

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    Yea, I dont get all the panties in a wad over this.

    If the defense sucks and we dont make the playoffs, then Garrett will be fired along with most of his staff since a new HC would bring "his" guys in.
  5. Star Guard_31

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    You know, when Jerry said he was going to consult with football people outside of the organization that he respects to get unbiased feedback I was hoping he meant people like Bill Parcells and Mike Holmgren. Now I'm really starting to believe it may have been Larry Lacewell and Barry Switzer.
  6. intelmax

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    Its killing me too, this defense could be ridiculous but now were going start all over again. And even if carr can run the Tampa defense we dint pay 50 million a tampa 2 corner. We spent good money for a lock down guy and we drafted Claiborne to be the other lock down guy..
  7. StanleySpadowski

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    There's a genius to Kiffen's age. The pistol is not much more than a variation of the old single wing and I think Kiffen is one of the last coaches alive to remember when Pop Warner invented it.
  8. Rack Bauer

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  9. windward

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    Wannstedt like Hos pointed out, or somebody with little experience coordinating a defense.
  10. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Or most everyone else in the country. There are only at most a few dozen coaches that are qualified to be good defensive coordinators in this league for the whole world for any scheme.
  11. john van brocklin

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    I think Ware played Def End in College ?
  12. Falcon554

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    ROFL:laugh1: :laugh1:
  13. Primetime42

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    Yep. LBs have the hook/curl zones.
  14. Hostile

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    He did.
  15. Wolfpack

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    Dallas HC's dont get to pick their guys.
  16. RS12

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    Monte's forte is cover 2. Why would they bring him hear to do anything else? Makes no sense that would do anything else, otherwise why bring him.
  17. MagicMan

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    hmmmm, would the Magic 8 Ball be considered......uhh, nevermind. The guy is now getting desperate. :(
  18. rickjameschinaclub

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    Because Dick Lebeau has taken care of himself through the years and he's been gifted physically. He stills does multiple push-ups a day that make young move squirm. He's an exception not a rule.
  19. DC Cowboy

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    Two things, Skins did that to the Giants as well and 2nd if he does 'over-pursue" shouldn't that be corrected with coaching and practice? I do agree with you against the Skins he went for that ball fake too many times.
  20. supercowboy8

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    How old is Dick lebeau but would take him

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