Recommended Historical team rankings (some perspective on the importance of our pass offense)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by percyhoward, Mar 15, 2014.

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    Sigh. Enjoy your reasoning. Certainly, it must be right if you believe it hard enough.
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    No, you are not.

    I played inner city Texas high school football (at LB and TE/FB/ some WR) mind you... in the late 80s to early 90s.
    Passing the football was still considered a move for soft finesse teams and chumps.

    We ran the wing t plus veer and played straight up man blocking, no cut blocking like the suburban mommas boys in Plano.
    I LOVE smash mouth football. Grew up on it.

    But this isn't 1990 anymore. And I was pressed firmly to the bench in college because I sucked playing the pass(right when the friggin run and shoot came into vogue).

    Passing wins games on EVERY LEVEL NOW. Starting at about 12 years old now you HAVE to pass and stop the pass effectively.

    Running games are now built upon good passing games; instead of the trend 20 years ago.
    With the advent of the Walsh WCO the running game became marginalized because you could use passing plays to simulate runs.
    Swing passes, shuttle passes, seem routes... all effective in hitting teams for yardage at the line of scrimmage.
    RBs get paid peanuts because they have such a poor track record of long-lasting success and so many guys can play it similarly for a couple seasons before their body gives out.

    Now with more spread and sideline to sideline style offenses it is even more about winning in space EVEN in the run game.

    But at the end of the day the old axioms about trench warfare is just illogical.
    Football is not a game of inches. It is a game played on a massive field and covering that field and preventing being beaten 30 yards down that field is now have you win games. If you can't defend the back 3rd of the field the 3 yards at the LOS is pointless.

    One of the basic principles of EVERY SPORT is the ball moves faster than your feet.
    In basketball you win with great passing.
    In Soccer you win with great passing.
    It NEVER CHANGES. You always win with great passing.
    Thus defensively you win by shutting down those passing lanes and passing games because the ball moves faster than feet.
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    This is just a really nice post, jterrell. Unfortunately, Amber won't be able to reply for at least a few days, but it's still a really nice post.
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    Put very simply, teams that pass efficiently win a lot of games. You can't say that about teams that run efficiently. They may win, they may lose. There's no pattern.

    And it plays out like that year after year.

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