Hitzges: A Duality of Purpose Is At Fault

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Dec 5, 2012.

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    It was brought up this morning by Norm Hitzges that the team is in a tough spot. The problem exists because of the biggest fan and the biggest S.O.B on the team.

    In football the biggest fan is the owner. He pats backs and tells players how fortunate the team is to have them.

    The biggest S.O.B. is the GM who has to make some very raw decisions on players.

    The owner will make statements like Jerry did when he complimented Free. He can do that since he is the owner.

    However the GM, who should be the biggest S.O.B. would never say something like we see good things in Free. At most he would say there are some good things he does, but we need to see consistency and the best player will play.

    Garrett is neutered by the GM because he will not bench Free, which is what should have been done in the Eagles game.

    Garrett should sit Free for a series and put in Parnell. He should speak directly to Free and tell him he will sit if he does not protect Romo better since it is his fault the line is failing most of the time.

    Now the real sticking point is that something should be done. But there are things in the works which will prevent a realistic approach.

    The team is at 6-6. Jerry is delighted they beat the Eagles. Jerry the fan will never acknowledge that everyone now days beats the Eagles.

    Jerry the GM will never he an S.O.B. which requires him to make tough decision.

    Since Dallas is one game out of the division lead, Jerry the owner will rejoice and believe.

    (Frankly my own opinion is Jerry was making money off every believe signature on this board last year.)

    The duality of Jones the owner and Jones the GM will always favor the fan part of Jerry. Both because he is and because he sells the product, which is the Dallas Cowboys.

    Maybe the worst thing that will happen is for Dallas to go 8-8, or win the division at 9-7.

    At .500 Jerry will justify keeping people like Free because he will use the injury excuse and ignore that when the team had their middle linebackers they were still losing.

    If they win the division Jerry will think they are close and not make the commitment necessary to get over this hump.

    Only a complete melt down assuring 6-10 will force Jerry to rethink his fan opinion and get something positive done.

    The segment was pretty smart, and I believe Norm is on solid ground here
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    Spot On!
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    hitzges has been making this point for many years. the team desperately needs a devil's advocate in the room who is going to look at this roster with a critical eye. right now we have a owner/gm who looks at the team from an idealistic fan's perspective. that is fine for the owner's role but hurts us tremendously when the gm (the man who is supposed to look for weaknesses on the roster and address them) also has that mentality.
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    interesting that Norm says Jerry could be neutering Garrett, by not allowing Free to get benched. anyone believe that?
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    Spot on but already painfully obvious to anyone with a brain. Jerry is the reason we have such a bad culture here in Dallas.
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    jerry is just the "tie-breaker"

    he only steps in when there is disagreement between the owner and the GM
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    isn't it obvious? how could anyone deny it?
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    Exactly. Same thing happened when Felix fumbled the ball on a kickoff and NEVER produced on kickoffs, JG was irritated and you could tell he wanted to put someone else back there, but Jerry wanted Felix back there because he is still in love with him. So Felix stayed back there for a few more games until they realized we had other players more competent.
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    ok, I understand all the frustration with free, etc. but isn't it the GM's fault for not evaluating players correctly and handing out a big contract to an unproven player? free is what he is. he is not screwing up on purpose (at least I don't think). he is just not any good. not talented. he tries, but he sucks. so if you bench him and threaten him, will that make him better? I doubt it.

    so the GM is actually protecting his own behind, because of his own bad decision. instead he should be cutting his losses and move on, instead of sticking with him. and that can't happen now, it will happen in the off season.
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    Spidey and Venom both in one? I like it!
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    I agree with most of what he says apart from a complete melt down changing things.

    First of all I don’t think it will happen and anyhow we’ve been lousy in December for years, often as not the last game of the year has been a complete beat down yet little has changed.
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    Funny how Jerry never neutered Wade. Wade was blamed for being weak and a Big Cupcake so he was fired. Garrett has every excuse under the sun as to why he cannot be blamed for anything BAD that happens on and off the field. Garrett is the HC and if he wants to bench a player during the game then Jerry will not stop him. I am sure Jerry would not have an issue if Romo is being protected by Parnell instead of Free due to Free's poor play. Jerry may talk to him after the game but Garrett is the Commander of the Ship during the game. Jerry is NOT accountable for POOR In Game coaching decisions. Jerry is only accountable for hiring a "Princeton Smart - Football Stupid" Coach.
  15. Reality

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    Let me start by saying that I completely agree about the desperate need for a real GM here. I like Jerry (as the owner) but he would sure be a lot more entertaining and likable if fans could separate the character that is the owner and the seriousness expected in the GM position.

    That said, I do want to point out something. Having a GM that is mean or otherwise intimidating to players is just not realistic. No, I don't mean you cannot find one that fits those characteristics, but rather having one has little impact on the higher paid players.

    Teams use the signing bonus as a way to circumvent the artificial limitations placed on teams with the salary cap each year. As a result, players always treat their contracts as shorter than their duration. TO exploited this heavily when he was with Philly leading to his eventual departure.

    If a player receives a $10 million signing bonus and makes $5 million salary his first year, then he is cut after the first year, he just got $15 million for one year. If he would not have been cut, his second year salary would have likely been lower, before rising considerably the last couple years of the contract with both sides knowing a new contract would have to be signed prior to reaching that point. As long as the player feels confident he can get several teams bidding on his services next year, he will love a chance to get a new contract and signing bonus from another team.

    Most of us played sports growing up and we are used to coaches hollering, threatening and intimidating us into playing our best and improving our skills and abilities every single day. Because of the way contracts have to be structured in the NFL, it just doesn't work that way.

    Take Doug Free for example. Doug Free signed a four year $32 million contract. However, $17 million of that was guaranteed. After this season, Free will have $15 million left on his contract, but none of that is guaranteed money. As such, it will be hard to intimidate him since if he were to be cut, another team will sign him. Yes, we as fans think he's done, lost it, sucks, etc., but there will be other teams that will sign him just like we have done with other team's washouts. Players like TO would have loved for a jerk GM to cut him in the second year of a multi-year contract.

    I know fans want players and coaches punished when things don't go well. Cut him! Replace him! Send a message! Those are things we all spout out after losses. We are angry. We are frustrated. We want players and coaches to feel our anger and frustration just as we do.

    The only real way you can strike fear into a high-priced player is to affect their future income. Releasing a player can be perceived many different ways, most of which can be shaped by the player or his agent to keep him looking like a great free agent signing in waiting. If you really want to put fear into a player, bench them during the season.

    For example, with Doug Free, don't sugarcoat or protect his reputation. Start Parnell and make it known that Free is not performing well and we are going to see what Parnell can do. That sends a message to the entire NFL of buyer-beware when it comes to Free should you release him after the season.

    Free would know he may never play another down this season and if that happens and he were to be released this off-season, the last thing that every team would remember about his play was that he was benched for an undrafted free agent.

  16. visionary

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    i would strongly recommend coming out from under that rock
  17. visionary

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    while you make good points, i think you misunderstood the point

    the GM does not need to be "mean" or "intimidating"

    the GM needs to be objective, impartial, and his job should depend on the performance of the team

    jerry is the #1 cheerleader of the team, cant be impartial or objective and his job certainly does not depend on his performance

  18. burmafrd

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    there is more than sufficient evidence that Jerruh meddles in areas that SHOULD be strictly up to the HC. Do you disagree?
  19. DCBoysfan

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    Here.... Here this team is 6-6 because of a lot of mistakes made by the coaching staff during and at the end of some critical games this year. Jerry deserves some criticism but Garrett is responsible for everything that happens ON the field.
  20. visionary

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    that was exactly my point Burm

    the poster asked if anyone believes that jerry undermined his HC

    my point was, if you have to ask that question (ie dont believe it) you have been living under a rock

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