Hitzges: A Duality of Purpose Is At Fault

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Dec 5, 2012.

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    I believe that you are definition-ally confused. wileedog cited public statements to back his position, and your supporting evidence is your adamant position" that Jerry is accountable for all of this mess." and it's true because you said so in an earlier post.
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    So true, which is why this team is screwed forever
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    if his is in fact true, then this is the reason why we are the way we are and will continue to be this way... Were ****ed boys and girls.. Welcome to the Dallas Cowboys..The older jerry gets, I promise you will be the Al Davis lead Raiders...
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    Safety play is so important in the NFL because teams play so much zone and a big part of football is not giving up the big play. Furthermore, they play a huge role in creating turnovers. Back in the 90's, teams ran more so you could have a full-time designated strong safety play in the box for the majority of downs. Now you need 2 safeties who can switch between both positions.

    We went something like 30 games in a row at one point without a pick from a safety (this was before Hamlin came here in 2007). Then we once again struggled from the safety position after Hamlin's 2007 season. Then we recently went 76 games with Sensabaugh being the only safety on the team wiht a pick.

    It's very easy to see where the safety is a big issue on the current defense, even with all of the injuries. In the Philly game, the safeties were nowhere to be found when we got quality penetration from the front 7. I would have to watch the All-22, but something tells me they probably have them playing super deep so they don't get burnt. And when they were in the play, they couldn't tackle. Sensy is good for the big hit on an unsuspecting receiver, but in the open field he can't tackle to save his life.

    The zone coverage really suffers with both guys. Sensy is good at going to the sidelines in Cover 2, but cannot play zone to save his life on passes betwen the numbers. McCray is extremely poor.

    This forces our corners to play less press coverage because if the WR gets a step on them, we don't feel comfortable in our safeties helping out.

    The good news is that I believe we are a couple of good safeties away from being a top defense. The bad news is that we keep neglecting this position.

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    I don’t disagree with you (and I know you won’t like this) but Pasqualoni had Sensy and Ball as his two starting safeties and for those 8 games at the end of 2010 the defense could generate turnovers with the best of them.

    Any other defensive coordinator we’ve had before or since has managed to do squat irrespective of who we had at safety or how good or bad we were at rushing the passer.

    Talent no-mater at what position will always help, but ultimately its how that talent is applied which makes the most impact.

    To me with Sensy and Church we should have been able to do a lot better but as of the third game (when Church went down) we only had forced three turnovers (only one was intercepted).

    That’s bad and frankly I’m not convinced better safeties would have produced much better results with this d-coordinator.
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    Late to the thread, but right, why is everyone assuming Jerry is forcing Free to start? That makes no sense to me.

    In fact, some media guy (can't remember who now) was saying just the other day that Parnell was a Jerry favorite. So why wouldn't he be for Parnell playing?
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    Haven't you noticed? Every possible way to screw something up must be posited, and basically accepted as probable. You used to notice. Good to see you noticing again.
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    Disagree here a little - I think we are consistent pass pressure away from being a top defense. Pass pressure covers for a subpar secondary far more than the latter covers the former. At some point, with enough time, receivers get open against any defense. I think improving safety is important, but getting consistent pass pressure is far moreso.

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