Hobbled Law must adjust

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    Hobbled Law must adjust
    By Mark Murphy
    Friday, September 10, 2004

    FOXBORO - No one knows better than Ty Law [news] that a sideline view doesn't fit him.

    But there was the Pats cornerback last night, missing most of the second half with a tightened right leg muscle as his teammates fell increasingly vulnerable to the so-called Patriot Act: The league's new emphasis on illegal contact in the secondary.

    Many say Law was the chief catalyst for the measure. And as Mike Vrabel [news], Tyrone Poole and Asante Samuel [news] discovered during some key second-half plays as the Colts drove deep, the zebras are indeed looking hard at extra contact.

    But Law, who vowed to return to full action next week against Arizona, took particular satisfaction the calls failed to derail the Patriots [stats, news].

    ``I wonder what their excuses will be this time,'' he said, referring to the Colts' complaints about heavy contact from the Patriots secondary and linebackers after last year's AFC Championship Game.

    ``I have to say that you get a different perspective looking at a game from the sidelines,'' he said. ``There were some tight calls, man, and as a defender it's gonna be rough.

    ``It will probably be a better stat year for quarterbacks and receivers because of this. But we'll just have to adjust to it.''

    That will count doubly for Law, whose lobbying attempts with coach Bill Belichick [news] to get back into the game went for naught.

    ``I'm all right,'' Law said. ``I'll be back out there next week. It was just best for the team that I sit this one out. I can usually run right back out there, but (last night) I wasn't able to do that. I'm the type of guy who is usually going to try and stick it out.''

    ``That's just me,'' he said of pleading with Belichick for a return to the field, where Poole had taken over the unenviable job of tracking Colts receiver Marvin Harrison.

    ``There was some great football out there, and it killed me to be on the sideline,'' Law said. ``The enthusiasm our fans were bringing on was like the Super Bowl, so you absolutely want to be out there.

    ``Seeing things happening out there, I was like, `Do this, do this.' I wanted to go in there pretty bad, because our guys were breathing pretty hard.''


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